140 FTP Sites - 13,249,788 Directories - 239,596,900 Files - 465.34 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
ftpmirror.your.orgWikimedia Archive672.5 K19.83 M112.81 TB
ftp2.ie.freesbie.orgFreeSBIE Archive290.4 K1.08 M42.60 TB
www.mirrorservice.orgThe UK Mirror Service Software Archive2.18 M26.67 M36.37 TB
ftp.ensembl.orgEnsembl Genome Browser39.9 K1.35 M32.38 TB
bulk.resource.orgPublic Resource Archive45.9 K9.11 M28.03 TB
ftp.br.debian.orgDebian Linux Project Archive317.2 K11.56 M23.51 TB
ftp2.gr.freebsd.orgFreeBSD Greece Mirror1.1 M18.41 M21.59 TB
ftp.vim.orgVIM Project Archive421.4 K12.05 M20.94 TB
ftp.mirrorservice.orgUniversity of Kent Mirror Service1.17 M6.24 M18.02 TB
mirrors.kernel.orgLinux Kernel Archive218.4 K11.83 M13.43 TB
ftp.gr.freebsd.orgFreeBSD Greece Mirror 2265.9 K6.41 M8.91 TB
ftp.lyx.orgLyX Document Processor187.6 K6.36 M8.51 TB
ftp.freepark.orgFreePark Software Archive374.4 K6.74 M7.44 TB
ftp2.tw.vim.orgVim Editor Archive442 K7.68 M7.37 TB
ftp.hq.eso.orgEuropean Southern Observatory86.8 K732.8 K7.20 TB
ftp.scientificlinux.orgScientific Linux Project Archive70.5 K3.67 M6.28 TB
artfiles.orgArtfiles New Media429.2 K9.46 M5.27 TB
ftp.ticklers.orgTicklers.org Archive130.1 K4.09 M4.81 TB
ftp.gnome-db.orgGNOME-DB Archive309.9 K4.62 M4.18 TB
mirror.picosecond.orgPicosecond Internet Hosting Services237.4 K3.33 M3.78 TB
ftp.be.debian.orgDebian Linux Project242.1 K7.38 M3.73 TB
ftp.ubuntu-tw.orgTaiwan Academic Network Ubuntu Archive240.9 K1.6 M3.49 TB
ftp.cshl.orgCold Spring Harbor Laboratory43037.6 K3.41 TB
law.resource.orgPublic Resource Archive104.3 K2.16 M3.07 TB
distro.ibiblio.orgIibiblio Public Library and Digital Archive93.2 K2.61 M3.03 TB
mirrors.ibiblio.orgIbiblio Library and Digital Archive1.06 M17.12 M2.67 TB
ftp.au.debian.orgDebian Linux Australian Mirror90.6 K2.1 M2.58 TB
mirror.tuxinator.orgTuxinator Linux Archive49.1 K1.14 M2.10 TB
ftp.rfc822.orgRFC 822 Archive33.2 K1.22 M1.68 TB
iso2.de.netbsd.orgNetBSD Project Archive465 K2.78 M1.62 TB
mirror.keystealth.orgKeyStealth.org Archive30.3 K1.16 M1.62 TB
ftp.keystealth.orgLinux Archive31.9 K1.29 M1.59 TB
mirror.team-cymru.orgInternet Security Research60.8 K1.49 M1.55 TB
ftp.uk.debian.orgDebian Linux Project77.4 K1.54 M1.45 TB
ftp.scene.orgDemoscene Project30.4 K336.6 K1.35 TB
ftp.at.debian.orgDebian Linux Archive31.3 K1.16 M1.18 TB
gutenberg.pglaf.orgProject Gutenberg Literary Archive194.3 K2.51 M1.16 TB
ftp.au.freebsd.orgFreeBSD Project Archive40.6 K154.3 K996.81 GB
ftp.mn-linux.orgTwin Cities Linux Users Group63.7 K844.6 K974.86 GB
ftp.debian.orgDebian Linux Project30.3 K1.02 M958.87 GB
ftp.crifo.orgCRIFO Archive26.8 K247.8 K890.69 GB
ftp.pld-linux.orgPLD Linux Project29.9 K992.8 K865.73 GB
ftp.openbsd.orgOpenBSD Project129.6 K433.8 K813.19 GB
ftp.ibiblio.orgIbiblio Public Library158.5 K2.35 M776.22 GB
ftp.ca.openbsd.orgOpenBSD Project Archive114.8 K441.1 K761.05 GB
ftp.gnome.orgGNOME Project Archive44.9 K579.3 K740.23 GB
ftp.netbsd.orgNetBSD Project Archive126.8 K318.8 K719.71 GB
ftp.perl.orgPerl Programming Language42.5 K1.55 M429.72 GB
ftp.at.freebsd.orgFreeBSD Project Austrian Mirror11.2 K163.1 K419.64 GB
ftp.padua.orgTechnical University of Berlin27.7 K825.2 K415.44 GB
ftp.cpan.orgComprehensive Perl Archive Network33.8 K154 K396.17 GB
ftp.kernel.orgLinux Kernel Source Archive70 K3.43 M391.48 GB
mirror-fr2.bbln.orgLinux Software Archive2.3 K294.6 K337.28 GB
mirror-fr1.bbln.orgBBLN Linux Software Archive2 K293.5 K332.54 GB
ftp.freebsd.orgThe FreeBSD Project89758 K331.93 GB
ftp.3gpp.orgTelecommunications Standards Institute33.5 K1.05 M304.77 GB
www.3gpp.orgEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute31 K990.4 K280.91 GB
mirror.maeh.orgMaeh.org Archive2.5 K57.4 K275.49 GB
ftp.rcsb.orgRCSB Protein Data Bank114.3 K525.6 K240.70 GB
centos.fastbull.orgFastbull Linux Archive3.4 K95.2 K237.66 GB
ftp.linux-mips.orgLinux MIPS Project8.4 K37.4 K234.98 GB
ftp.gamers.orgGamers Archive4.5 K135.1 K203.09 GB
ftp.kde.orgKDE Desktop Project2.2 K56.1 K171.14 GB
ftp.remotesensing.orgRemote Sensing Project32.1 K178.6 K137.06 GB
open-source-box.orgOpen Source Box19.8 K248.2 K135.18 GB
ftp.amigascne.orgAmiga Demo Scene46.4 K491 K100.96 GB
ftp.postgresql.orgPostgreSQL Database Project8 K62.2 K92.87 GB
ftp.procmail.orgProcmail Distribution Site15751.7 K90.70 GB
ftp.back2roots.orgAmiga Sofware Directory95.7 K1.08 M74.06 GB
anduin.linuxfromscratch.orgLinux From Scratch Project1.3 K17.1 K68.51 GB
ftp.fao.orgUN Food and Agriculture Organization8.7 K169.9 K67.93 GB
mirror.nwresd.orgNorthwest Regional ESD29522.7 K57.46 GB
ftp.octave.orgGNU Octave Project2 K49 K55.99 GB
ftp.gnu.orgGNU Open Source Project2 K49 K55.78 GB
ftp.freepascal.orgFree Pascal Project8704.9 K54.89 GB
security.debian.orgDebian Linux Security Archive74029.7 K54.67 GB
ftp-archives.postgresql.orgPostgreSQL Project Archive7.1 K42.6 K50.96 GB
ftp.softcatala.orgCatalan Software Directory9142.1 K48.97 GB
ftp.acs.orgAmerican Chemical Society3.5 K50.8 K35.68 GB
ftp.spec.orgStandard Performance Evaluation Corp.8349232.80 GB
ftp.ctan.orgComprehensive TeX Archive Network13.6 K203.2 K26.75 GB
ftp.ietf.orgInternet Engineering Task Force4.3 K160.4 K21.94 GB
ftp.netlabs.orgNetLabs Archive3413.2 K20.69 GB
ftp.freefriends.orgFreeFriends Archive3736019.42 GB
ftp.iana.orgInternet Assigned Numbers Authority67992.7 K18.39 GB
ftp.forth.orgForth Interest Group1.5 K22.1 K14.25 GB
ftp.isc.orgInternet Systems Consortium7 K223.2 K13.83 GB
ftp.t10.orgT10 SCSI Technical Committee23749.4 K9.07 GB
ftp.samba.orgSamba Open Source Project5 K52 K8.46 GB
ftp.graphicsmagick.orgGraphicsMagick Open Source Project13614.6 K7.38 GB
ftp.simplesystems.orgSimple Systems Archive13613.8 K6.78 GB
ftp.netfilter.orgNetfilter Project7230 K6.06 GB
ftp.engardelinux.orgEnGarde Secure Linux1312 K5.78 GB
ftp.imtc-files.orgIMTC Files Archive2352.1 K5.60 GB
ftp.ruby-lang.orgRuby Programming Language Project481.2 K5.54 GB
ftp.imagemagick.orgImageMagick Open Source Project802.7 K4.86 GB
ftp.rfc-editor.orgRFC-Editor Archive4219.2 K4.44 GB
ftp.ie.xemacs.orgXEmacs Project Archive6774.2 K4.40 GB
ftp.sillydog.orgSillyDog701 Archive684414.39 GB
ftp.tuxpaint.orgTux Paint Project Archive3281.7 K3.78 GB
ftp.gnustep.orgGNUstep Open Source Project3713 K3.67 GB
ftp.amsat.orgAMSAT North America43060.8 K3.56 GB
ftp.gnutls.orgGnuTLS Archive843 K3.41 GB
ftp.fvwm.orgFVWM Virtual Desktop Manager4874.7 K3.31 GB
ftp.ams.orgAmerican Mathematical Society2528.5 K3.18 GB
ftp.seul.orgSEUL Project1961.4 K2.88 GB
ftp.mktemp.orgMktemp Project1311.9 K2.76 GB
ftp.dinoex.orgDinoEx RP Collection2076.5 K2.31 GB
ftp.horde.orgHorde Groupware Project537901.80 GB
ftp.groessler.orgGroessler.org Archive1282 K1.49 GB
ftp.omg.orgObject Management Group6221.7 K1.46 GB
ftp.afterstep.orgAfterStep Window Manager1484.7 K1.41 GB
ftp.filesystems.orgFiST Stackable File System Language581.9 K1.11 GB
ftp.am-utils.orgBerkeley Automounter Utilities581.9 K1.11 GB
ftp.hylafax.orgHylaFAX Open Source FAX Server33742.7 K1009.94 MB
ftp.fox-toolkit.orgFOX Toolkit Project3351983.68 MB
ftp.alsa-project.orgAdvanced Linux Sound Architecture Project921.3 K946.22 MB
ftp.icdevgroup.orgInterchange Web-based Application Server1592 K712.76 MB
ftp.openldap.orgOpenLDAP Project43643666.90 MB
ftp.eyrie.orgEyrie Archive1.2 K26.1 K630.95 MB
ftp.povray.orgPOV-Ray Ray Tracing Project79966602.98 MB
ftp.exim.orgExim Internet Mailer341.1 K518.62 MB
ftp.dqc.orgDream Quest Communications1291514.12 MB
ftp.openssl.orgOpenSSL Open Source Project3437424.43 MB
ftp.linux-france.orgLinux-France Archive3041.4 K325.31 MB
ftp.gnus.orgGnus Network User Services2819.6 K315.85 MB
ftp.freeradius.orgFreeRADIUS Open Source Project8375267.81 MB
ftp.fftw.orgFFTW Fourier Transform Project9195233.65 MB
ftp.freechess.orgFree Internet Chess Server1212 K187.76 MB
ftp.cubic.orgCubic Team Archive85973174.41 MB
ftp.epicsol.orgEPIC IRC Client9386161.81 MB
ftp.eggheads.orgEggdrop Internet Relay Chat Project734 K117.76 MB
ftp.krunk.orgKRUNK.ORG Railroad Photos Archive672.3 K103.83 MB
ftp.rec.orgRegional Environmental Center174097.89 MB
ftp.dungeoncrawl.orgDungeon Crawl Project4414176.48 MB
ftp.flame.orgFlame.org Archive1425672.74 MB
ftp.acornusers.orgAcornusers.org Archive4335469.87 MB
ftp.kaybee.orgKirk Linux Software2246854.80 MB
ftp.mars.orgMARS Advanced Research Systems2516827.77 MB
ftp.freeengineer.orgFreeengineer.org Archive137827.66 MB