10 FTP Sites - 979,635 Directories - 25,932,103 Files - 35.85 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
mirror.yandex.ruYandex Search Engine Archive388 K12.19 M18.31 TB
mirror.mephi.ruMEPHI Institute of Information Technologies126.9 K4.42 M6.64 TB
mirror.tspu.ruTomsk State Pedagogical University198.3 K4.34 M3.92 TB
l4u-00.jinr.ruJoint Institute for Nuclear Research25.4 K1.32 M2.16 TB
ftp.altlinux.ruALT Linux Project Archive114.7 K1.39 M2.04 TB
mirror.logol.ruLogol Hosting Services79.9 K1.69 M1.76 TB
ftp.psn.ruRussian Academy Joint SuperComputer Center29.3 K497.5 K879.37 GB
ftp.dlink.ruD-Link Software Archive15.8 K19.9 K73.76 GB
ftp.bgtelecom.ruBG Telecom Archive90064.2 K65.46 GB
ftp.acer.ruAcer Software Archive3494 K21.44 GB