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ftp.dell.comDell FTP Archive357.8 K664.4 K32.12 TB
mirror.liquidtelecom.comLiquid Telecommunications Software Archive1.26 M2.33 M19.68 TB
mirror.1000mbps.com1000Mbps Dedicated Servers354.2 K9.77 M17.51 TB
public.dhe.ibm.comIBM Software Archive202.2 K4.04 M14.00 TB
ftp.software.ibm.comIBM Software Archive225 K3.98 M13.60 TB
mirrors.xmission.comXMission Business Internet Provider539.6 K11.47 M10.87 TB
mirrors-ru.go-parts.comGo-parts Archive285.7 K4.68 M8.80 TB
mirror.dhakacom.comDhakacom Software Archive153 K6.93 M8.42 TB
mirror.nl.webzilla.comWebzilla Dedicated Servers185.8 K5.24 M7.08 TB
mirror.easyspeedy.comEasySpeedy Hosting81.5 K5.17 M6.96 TB
ftp.hp.comHP Software Archive133.9 K448.2 K6.53 TB
mirror.symnds.comSymantec Software Archive108.9 K4.88 M6.46 TB
mirror.one.comOne Web Hosting Services1.17 M6.04 M5.59 TB
mirrorcatalogs.comMirrorCatalogs FTP Mirror Archive292.5 K5.03 M5.48 TB
mirrors.tummy.comLinux Data Center Experts86.5 K4.3 M5.40 TB
mirrors.yun-idc.comBlue Ocean Information Technology235.1 K4.87 M5.12 TB
mirrors.easynews.comEasynews Usenet Service Provider246.5 K6.53 M5.06 TB
mirror.cogentco.comCogent Communications93.2 K3.95 M4.69 TB
ftp.hpl.hp.comHewlett-Packard Company 2.7 K215.1 K4.57 TB
ftp.altlinux.comALT Linux Project214.2 K2.2 M4.44 TB
repos.lax.quadranet.comQuadraNet Dedicated Hosted Servers86 K3.72 M4.43 TB
mirror.cov.ukservers.comUK Dedicated Servers Software Archive87.1 K4.33 M4.35 TB
mirrors.manchester.m247.comM247 Internet Service Provider103.7 K2.85 M4.12 TB
mirrors.advancedhosters.comAdvanced Hosters Dedicated Servers125.7 K3.13 M4.05 TB
repos.mia.quadranet.comQuadraNet Dedicated Hosted Servers81.7 K2.82 M3.83 TB
mirror.oss.maxcdn.comMaxCDN Software Archive32.3 K2.35 M3.59 TB
mirrors-uk.go-parts.comGo-parts Archive197.4 K3.31 M3.51 TB
mirror.solarvps.comSOLAR VPS Software Archive102.5 K4.43 M2.44 TB
mirror.digmia.comDIGMIA Information Services5.3 K1.92 M2.35 TB
ftp.redhat.comRedHat Enterprise Linux2 K194.3 K2.33 TB
mirror.nforce.comNFOrce Hosting Solution Services83 K2.05 M2.32 TB
fedora.gtdinternet.comGrupo Gtd Software Archive15.9 K2.22 M2.07 TB
mirror.web-ster.comNorthwest Internet Access Provider8 K2.77 M1.97 TB
index.storsys.ibm.comIBM Software Archive7.9 K43 K1.76 TB
ftp-mirror.internap.comInternap Network Operations Center133.6 K2.33 M1.69 TB
ftp.mirror.ukhost4u.comUKHost4u Web Hosting Provider86.1 K1.89 M1.67 TB
ftp.ca.comCA Technologies Archive42.2 K113.5 K1.62 TB
mirror.gtdinternet.comGTD Group Archive13.2 K1.58 M1.62 TB
free.hands.comHands.com IT Support Services76.6 K1.59 M1.55 TB
ftp.hands.comHands Support Services76.4 K1.58 M1.52 TB
fedora.mirror.iweb.comIweb Technologies Inc.3.4 K1.3 M1.47 TB
mirrors.pidginhost.comPidginhost Hosting Service Provider33.6 K1.08 M1.46 TB
dist1.800hosting.com1-800-HOSTING Inc.71.5 K1.02 M1.28 TB
linuxfreedom.comLinux Freedom Archive2.4 K51.4 K1.28 TB
ftp.neowiz.comNEOWIZ HOLDINGS Corporation42.2 K502.8 K1.26 TB
mirrors.rackhosting.comRackhosting Mirror Archive128.9 K959.4 K1.22 TB
ftp.ni.comNational Instruments Software Archive36.6 K107.8 K1.21 TB
mirror.ukrnames.comUkrnames Domain Services67.5 K932.2 K1.15 TB
debian.ipacct.comIP Accounting Software Archive30.4 K1.14 M1.08 TB
updates.redhat.comRedHat Enterprise Linux Updates55775.3 K964.18 GB
mirror.positive-internet.comThe Positive Internet Company28.3 K858.6 K872.52 GB
mirror.prgmr.comPrgmr Linux and NetBSD Hosting29.1 K1.03 M841.35 GB
security.ubuntu.comUbuntu Linux Project46 K628.2 K818.27 GB
cdimage.ubuntu.comUbuntu Linux CD Images4456.4 K782.37 GB
ftp.seclan.comSECLAN Archive27.4 K556.6 K768.32 GB
spinellicreations.comSpinelliCreations Archive9.8 K734.7 K721.59 GB
ftp.ora.comOReilly Media Archive38.3 K153.6 K678.10 GB
ftp.antivirus.comTrend Micro Security Solutions1.1 K15.2 K652.50 GB
mirror.freedomvoice.comFreedomVoice Toll Free Numbers855377 K636.46 GB
mirror.vexxhost.comVEXXHOST Cloud Hosting Solutions16.5 K656.8 K628.90 GB
ftp.adobe.comAdobe Software Archive5.4 K19.6 K603.06 GB
ftp.dataio.comData I/O Semiconductor Devices9728.1 K572.97 GB
ftp.unitrends.comUnitrends Software Solutions2.8 K75 K527.06 GB
mirror.5ninesolutions.com5Nine Solutions25.7 K449.9 K525.62 GB
mirror.hostduplex.comHost Duplex Dedicated Servers1.4 K185.8 K462.19 GB
ftp.portlane.comPortlane Network Software Archive5.5 K87.8 K444.78 GB
ftp.support.acer-euro.comAcer Software Downloads Archive7.6 K63.4 K414.31 GB
ftp.jgotteswinter.comJuergen Gotteswinter Softawre Archive1.2 K117.3 K375.48 GB
mirror.lax.hugeserver.comHugeServer Networks Software Archive3.5 K162.2 K365.86 GB
mirror.netinch.comNetInch IT Solutions7.3 K52.5 K364.72 GB
mirror.imt-systems.comIMT-Systems GmbH1.2 K330.8 K350.47 GB
centos.mirror.cdnetworks.comCDNetworks Software Archive14.3 K474 K344.35 GB
ftp.sangoma.comSangoma IP Communications Systems1 K10.4 K338.05 GB
ftp.oreilly.comOReilly Books Archive18 K96.1 K313.37 GB
testcase.boulder.ibm.comIBM Software Archive5771.8 K281.42 GB
mirror.quintex.comQuintex Archive35 K522.4 K281.05 GB
lupd01.eu.msi.comMSI Downloads Archive20624.1 K247.08 GB
ftp.varicad.comVariCAD Software Archive1492.4 K239.31 GB
mirror.awanti.comAwanti Hosting Services821303.3 K237.72 GB
ftp.apple.asimov.comAsimov Archive88621.4 K233.32 GB
ftp.agilent.comAgilent Technologies5.2 K129.6 K228.25 GB
mirror.wiredtree.comWiredTree Managed Hosting4.6 K102.4 K228.01 GB
supermicro.comSuperMicro Downloads Archive27 K156.2 K227.62 GB
ftp.supermicro.comSuper Micro Computer, Inc.25.4 K147.6 K225.31 GB
linuxmint.mirrors.pair.comPair Networks Software Archive2.1 K17 K223.63 GB
ftp.sas.comSAS Business Analytics Software29.4 K78.8 K222.72 GB
mirror.supremebytes.comSupremeBytes Hosting Services1.5 K82.4 K219.39 GB
mirror6.layerjet.comLayerJet Software Archive10.6 K76 K204.15 GB
mirrors-pa.sioru.comIT7 Networks Inc1.8 K40.9 K197.79 GB
ftp.wiley.comWiley Books Archive8834.6 K191.49 GB
mirror1.spango.comSpango Internet2.7 K53.1 K183.64 GB
ftp.exactsoftware.comExact Software Archive3.2 K96.1 K183.39 GB
ftp.ubi.comUbisoft Entertainment Archive2.1 K40.2 K170.14 GB
mirror.vbfx.comVBFX Software Archive25.9 K243.9 K168.93 GB
archive.download.redhat.comRedHat Enterprise Linux Downloads22.7 K397.2 K163.33 GB
ftp.2600.com2600 News Archive1134.6 K156.49 GB
mirror.radoreservers.comRadore Servers Software Archive1 K116.6 K156.31 GB
centos.arlionprojects.comArlion Projects Software Archive1000116.6 K156.31 GB
centos.sonn.comSONN Software Archive1000116.6 K156.31 GB
mirror.brutalsys.comBrutalsys Software Archive1 K116.6 K156.31 GB
repo.dimenoc.comDimenoc Central Florida Data Center1 K116.6 K156.31 GB
ftp.research.microsoft.comMicrosoft Research Archive2867.9 K149.20 GB
repo.umbeehosting.comUmbee Histing Services25254.5 K149.16 GB
ftp.edisontel.comClouditalia Telecommunications11 K350.9 K143.18 GB
ftp.veritas.comVeritas Software Archive1.2 K4.9 K136.07 GB
sources.redhat.comRedHat Linux Source Archive22.9 K114.8 K129.16 GB
cygwin.comCygwin Open Source Project21.6 K94 K124.98 GB
mirror.ash.fastserv.comFast Serv Networks57569.6 K124.73 GB
ftp.norton.comNORTON Antivirus Software4.9 K11.7 K122.45 GB
ftp.linux.sgi.comSilicon Graphics International5.7 K79.2 K121.56 GB
ftp.winguides.comPC Tools Guides for Windows4.9 K10.2 K119.79 GB
ftp.arkeia.comArkeia Network Backup2.8 K9 K119.54 GB
update.symantec.comSymantec Updates Archive5 K9.6 K118.82 GB
ftp.symantec.comSymantec Security Solutions5 K9.5 K118.59 GB
mirror.san.fastserv.comFast Serv Networks58775 K117.29 GB
oss.sgi.comSGI Software Archive5.2 K74.1 K115.20 GB
mirror-centos.hostingswift.comExpress Hosting Services56069.6 K114.98 GB
mirror.thelinuxfix.comLinux Fix Hosting Services56465.2 K114.81 GB
ftp.krause.comKrause Books Archive5954.1 K105.68 GB
ftp.matrixgames.comMatrix Games Ltd.2623.9 K99.54 GB
largedownloads.ea.comEA Games Large Downloads4363.4 K98.03 GB
ftp.turbolinux.comTurbolinux Project Archive25747.2 K97.91 GB
ftp.techsmith.comTechSmith Screen Capture Software 3731.2 K97.03 GB
ftp.raima.comRaima Database Management3226.2 K96.74 GB
gnu.mirrors.pair.comPair Networks Software Archive7.7 K86.5 K90.76 GB
ftp.mrynet.comMRYNET Software Archive68.6 K1.17 M90.60 GB
ftp.4d.com4D SAS Archive1.2 K58.7 K88.10 GB
ftp.perforce.comPerforce Version Control Software4 K57.8 K84.85 GB
mirror.zarhi.comZarhi Archive19431.1 K83.86 GB
centos.westmancom.comWestman Communications Group19431.1 K83.86 GB
mirrors.finalasp.comFinal ASP Archive19530.3 K83.35 GB
mirrors.loosefoot.comLoose Foot Computing19530.3 K83.35 GB
mirror.nandomedia.comNandomedia Archive19630.3 K83.35 GB
ftp.panasonic.comPanasonic Software Downloads Archive3.2 K21.8 K79.13 GB
ftp.cirr.comInternet Software Consulting Services1.1 K8.9 K76.67 GB
ftp.sgi.comSGI Software Archive2.6 K21.9 K75.80 GB
ftp.de.4d.com4D Web Applications1.1 K58.2 K75.56 GB
ftp.zyxel.comZyXEL Software Archive6.3 K9.5 K74.27 GB
apache.mirrors.pair.comPair Networks Hosting Services2 K10.4 K73.87 GB
ftp.ems-hitech.comEMS SQL Tools7061.5 K72.30 GB
ftp.penguincomputing.comPenguin Computing Linux Servers16250071.69 GB
ftp.ipswitch.comIpswitch Network Monitoring721.4 K67.81 GB
ftp.funcom.comFuncom Multiplayer Online Games 1861.6 K67.25 GB
ftp.bunglefever.comBungle Fever Archive6106.7 K61.51 GB
ftp.aopen.comAOPEN Archive4.1 K18.2 K61.12 GB
ftp.kofax.comKofax Software Archive1.6 K4.4 K59.66 GB
ftp.axis.comAxis Communications5 K12.9 K56.62 GB
ftp.packardbell.comPackard Bell Software Archive12 K31.4 K53.12 GB
ftp.compuconference.comCompuconference Archive1.4 K30.7 K50.85 GB
ftp.scn.rain.comSCN Research Archive53922.4 K48.93 GB
download.intel.comIntel Software Archive5.2 K53.1 K47.99 GB
ftp.itrc.hp.comHewlett-Packard Software Archive2.2 K17.9 K45.14 GB
ftp.opera.comOpera Web Browser Archive1.6 K2.2 K43.83 GB
ftp.seagullscientific.comSeagull Scientific Software1463.6 K42.79 GB
ftp.matrox.comMatrox Electronic Systems1.7 K8.4 K42.75 GB
ftp.microsoft.comMicrosoft Corporation29.8 K101.8 K41.73 GB
ftp.sco.comSCO Software Archive1.7 K8.5 K41.22 GB
ftp.calderasystems.comXinuos Software Archive1.7 K8.5 K41.18 GB
ftp.tyan.comMiTAC International Corporation2.9 K14.8 K39.85 GB
ftp.logitech.comLogitech Software Archive1163.1 K39.64 GB
ftp.ts.fujitsu.comFujitsu Software Archive1.3 K6.6 K37.97 GB
ftp.lotus.comIBM Collaboration Lotus Software2.5 K36.1 K37.60 GB
ftp.draytek.comDrayTek Software Archive1.7 K11.7 K35.97 GB
ftp.whtech.comLizard Hill Hosting Services2.6 K40.9 K34.98 GB
ftp.sap.comSAP Software and Solutions1101.4 K34.63 GB
ftp.ea.comEA Games Software Archive1.2 K5.9 K33.85 GB
ftp.germany.ea.comElectronic Arts Video Games1.2 K5.9 K33.85 GB
ftp.autodesk.comAutodesk 3D Design Software1.1 K5.7 K32.34 GB
ftp2.bvrp.comBusiness and Bookkeeping Software Archive4311.3 K32.01 GB
ftp.ea-europe.comEA Games European Archive1.6 K5 K31.60 GB
ftp.celestial.comCelestial Software Archive3.3 K26.9 K31.30 GB
ftp.ti.comTexas Instruments Software Archive1.6 K10.6 K31.16 GB
ftp.microlite.comMicrolite Backup Software8505.2 K30.19 GB
ftp.dlink.comD-Link Systems Software Archive5.5 K8.3 K29.37 GB
ftp.kaspersky-labs.comKaspersky Labs Software Archive9.6 K136.1 K28.62 GB
ftp.measurementcomputing.comMeasurement Computing DAQ Solutions1.1 K3.3 K27.38 GB
ftp.wizworks.comWizWorks Software Archive4881.5 K26.66 GB
ftp.intersystems.comInterSystems Software Archive2033.5 K26.14 GB
ftp.prenhall.comPearson Technology Center10.2 K81.1 K25.77 GB
ftp.intersys.comInterSystems Archive1903.4 K25.65 GB
ftp.menandmice.comMenandmice IP Address Management2371.3 K25.00 GB
ftp.nominum.comNominum Telecom Analytics1.8 K138 K24.46 GB
ftp.delorie.comDelorie Software Archive1285.7 K24.31 GB
ftp.gericom.comGericom Support Archive2.1 K6.6 K23.74 GB
ftp.microimages.comMicroImages Geospatial Analysis Software14146123.70 GB
patches.ubi.comUbisoft Entertainment Patches Archive42196621.88 GB
ftp.stalker.comCommuniGate Systems1218.9 K21.48 GB
ftp.saitek.comSaitek Flight Simulator1862.9 K20.45 GB
ftp.netscape.comNetscape Web Browser Project2.6 K9.3 K20.43 GB
amex.comAmerican Express Financial Services13839.1 K17.42 GB
ftp.merl.comMitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories7476816.72 GB
ftp.thewrittenword.comOpen Source Software Archive1.5 K1.4 K16.66 GB
tcl.activestate.comActivestate Software Archive3.5 K20.2 K15.29 GB
ftp.stratus.comStratus Technologies Inc.2285.7 K14.60 GB
ftp.taygeta.comTaygeta Scientific Software Archive1.5 K22.1 K14.25 GB
ftp.necam.comNEC Corporation of America8.3 K13.5 K14.15 GB
ftp.terratec.comTERRATEC Software Archive1.7 K5.9 K12.33 GB
ftp.winzip.comWinZip Software Archive936811.34 GB
ftp.novalogic.comNovaLogic Software Archive4411511.14 GB
ftp.omega.comOmega Engineering Software Archive4601.5 K11.01 GB
ftp.ashtech.comAshtech Global Positioning and Guidance1.5 K5.6 K10.90 GB
ftp.biostar-usa.comBIOSTAR Software Archive6332.4 K10.37 GB
ftp.microworldsystems.comMicroWorld Download Manager878.6 K10.15 GB
europe.aoc.comAOC European Archive1.3 K18 K9.35 GB
ftp.altera.comAltera Corporation9164.8 K8.82 GB
ftp.awl.comPearson Higher Education5.6 K30 K8.80 GB
ftp.nai.comMcAfee Security2761.8 K8.08 GB
ftp.cray.comCray Supercomputer Company1872.4 K7.70 GB
ftp.scansoft.comNuance Software Archive5755.2 K7.51 GB
ftp.corel.comCorel Corporation Archive6924.4 K7.37 GB
ftp.bartylak.comBartylak Archive3642 K7.26 GB
ftp.linbox.comLinBox Project Archive4011.8 K7.10 GB
ftp.frii.comFRII Data Center Solutions5548856.98 GB
ftp.comtrol.comIndustrial Ethernet Devices1.8 K2.7 K6.66 GB
ftp.eskimo.comEskimo Linux Software Archive8662.7 K6.62 GB
ftp.rsa.comRSA Information Security1781.3 K6.45 GB
ftp.nmia.comWeb Hosting Services21631.3 K6.04 GB
ftp.usr.comUSRobotics Software Archive8175.5 K5.91 GB
ftp.multitech.comMulti-Tech Systems9334.3 K5.56 GB
ftp.netdoor.comNETDOOR Business Internet584464.72 GB
ftp.trailing-edge.comBitsavers Software Archive4.3 K104.1 K4.70 GB
ftp.swcp.comSouthwest Cyberport Internet Services2114.6 K4.59 GB
ftp.hauppauge.comHauppauge Computer Works615064.56 GB
ftp.alliedtelesis.comAllied Telesis Software Archive2226474.48 GB
ftp.neb.comNEB Reagents For the Life Sciences Industry612564.40 GB
ftp.linuxjournal.comLinux Journal Archive1.1 K7.5 K3.60 GB
ftp.europe.f-secure.comF-Secure Software Archive1048063.50 GB
ftp.f-secure.comF-Secure Software Archive1037893.47 GB
ftp.highcriteria.comHigh Criteria Sound Recording Tools924.1 K3.08 GB
ftp.mackichan.comMacKichan Scientific Software3502.4 K2.96 GB
ftp.dbxpro.comDBX Professional Audio 1469272.92 GB
ftp.sybex.comSybex Publisher Archive8665.3 K2.83 GB
ftp.allieddata.comAllied Data Technologies1.9 K3.2 K2.73 GB
ftp.courtesan.comSudo Project Archive1252.4 K2.63 GB
ftp.extremetech.comExtremeTech Technology News2812.3 K2.07 GB
ftp.netstores.comQuickBooks E-Commerce Software333742.06 GB
ftp.kodak.comKodak Software Archive455402.04 GB
ftp.orban.comOrban Broadcast Technology4001.2 K2.03 GB
ftp.xmission.comXMission Data Center43131.5 K1.88 GB
dickey.his.comHeller Information Services1183.2 K1.69 GB
ftp.citrix.comCitrix Systems1431781.67 GB
ftp.trifox.comTrifox Database Access Experts452751.58 GB
ftp.team17.comTeam17 Software Archive467971.53 GB
ftp.hypersurf.comHyperSurf Internet Access Services2341.3 K1.36 GB
ftp.accesscom.comHypersurf Internet Services2341.3 K1.36 GB
ftp.circuitcellar.comCircuit Cellar Microcontrollers3531.8 K1.34 GB
ftp.netinst.comNetwork Instruments Software Archive371211.33 GB
ftp.avc-pioneer.comAVC Pioneer Archive3011.4 K1.15 GB
ftp.aonix.comAtego Solutions8781.4 K1.15 GB
ftp.planningpme.comSoftware PlanningPME511.2 K1.12 GB
ftp.thrustmaster.comThrustmaster Gaming Headset Steering Wheel307751999.78 MB
ftp.lynx.comLynx Software Technologies35126950.70 MB
ftp.visualware.comVisualware Broadband Performance Measurement Solutions76355684.04 MB
ftp.megatrends.comAmerican Megatrends Inc.107842660.32 MB
ftp.tummy.comTummy Linux Data Center Experts2231.9 K641.49 MB
ftp.sonicwall.comSonicWALL Dynamic Security57334633.48 MB
ftp.rootsweb.comRootsWeb Family History Archive552215.8 K630.28 MB
ftp.anything3d.comAnything3D Corporation1146583.20 MB
ftp.robelle.comRobelle Solutions Tech Inc1361.3 K529.01 MB
ftp.measurement-factory.comThe Measurement Factory531.2 K525.87 MB
ftp.qualcomm.comQualcomm Wireless Technology158530512.73 MB
ftp.pcmag.comPC Magazine Archive1671.7 K497.63 MB
ftp.seagate.comSeagate Technology671.3 K450.16 MB
ftp.5z.com5Z Archive20417361.32 MB
ftp.3k.com3k Associates19205218.00 MB
ftp.dbit.comDBit Ersatz-11 PDP-11 Emulator2212.1 K172.11 MB
ftp.agmercados.comVisual Chart Archive317118.53 MB
ftp.toyota.comToyota Motors9527299.80 MB
ftp.academ.comAcadem Consulting Services1958024.03 MB
ftp.alstevens.comAl Stevens Archive145412.04 MB