46 FTP Sites - 3,046,259 Directories - 83,829,764 Files - 96.26 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
ftp.surfnet.nlDutch Education and Research469.3 K12.13 M19.53 TB
ftp.nluug.nlAssociation of Open Systems471.7 K12.16 M19.37 TB
ftp.tudelft.nlDelft University of Technology138.7 K6.15 M7.30 TB
apache.proserve.nlProserve Hosting Services146.4 K9.73 M7.26 TB
ftp.student.utwente.nlUniversity of Twente270 K5.96 M7.11 TB
mirror.proserve.nlProserve Online Services111.4 K8.24 M6.89 TB
ftp.snt.utwente.nlUniversity of Twente283.1 K6.01 M6.55 TB
mirror.widexs.nlWideXS Hosting Services148.7 K2.71 M3.70 TB
ftp.tiscali.nlTiscali Communications Software Archive178.4 K2.78 M3.29 TB
ftp.telfort.nlTelfort Networks176.2 K2.68 M3.18 TB
ftp.mirror.nlXS4ALL Servers Archive222.3 K5.69 M2.10 TB
ftp.cs.uu.nlUtrecht University50.1 K1.67 M2.08 TB
ftp.demon.nlXS4ALL Networks217.9 K5.07 M1.95 TB
mirror.serverbeheren.nlServerbeheren Archive56.5 K1.19 M1.70 TB
ftp.strw.leidenuniv.nlLeiden University5.5 K93.2 K1014.02 GB
centos.mirror.transip.nlTransip Hosting Services Software Archive51.8 K93.2 K991.50 GB
alviss.et.tudelft.nlDelft University Of Technology1.2 K493.3 K586.59 GB
ftp.nfra.nlAstronomy Research Foundation92617.5 K377.33 GB
mirror.bitency.nlBitency Hosting Software Archive1.9 K125.4 K189.34 GB
mirror.previder.nlPrevider ICT Services Software Archive1 K116.6 K156.41 GB
mirror.sitbv.nlSIT Internetdiensten Software Archive1 K116.6 K156.33 GB
mirror.colocenter.nlColoCenter Software Archive1 K116.6 K156.31 GB
mirror.arbitrary.nlArbitrary.NL Archive1.1 K49.2 K132.09 GB
babs.onlinesystemen.nlOnsweb Online Systems20.1 K127.1 K131.92 GB
mirror.oxilion.nlOxilion Connected Services21239.5 K94.77 GB
ftp.cpan.nlThe Comprehensive Perl Archive Network5.5 K34.5 K87.83 GB
ftp.aopen.nlAOPEN Software Downloads Archive4.2 K18.1 K57.26 GB
ftp.stack.nlEindhoven University of Technology1.8 K77.7 K51.19 GB
ftp.cs.vu.nlVU University Amsterdam2.2 K32.7 K49.62 GB
ftp.cs.kun.nlRadboud University Nijmegen2.5 K60.7 K35.67 GB
ftp.geo.uu.nlUtrecht University57324.5 K32.71 GB
ftp.geog.uu.nlUtrecht University3060014.15 GB
ftp.ecn.nlEnergy Research Center524.3 K5.90 GB
ftp.ics.ele.tue.nlEindhoven University of Technology7576.4 K5.80 GB
ftp.es.ele.tue.nlEindhoven University of Technology7556.4 K5.77 GB
delmation.xs4all.nlXS4ALL Internet Services5352.6 K5.59 GB
ftp.hzeeland.nlHZ University of Applied Sciences1091.4 K4.81 GB
ftp.xs4all.nlXS4ALL Networks1818772.63 GB
ftp.astro.rug.nlUniversity of Groningen391352.45 GB
ftp.muze.nlMuze Internet Consultancy26177715.76 MB
ftp.vu.nlVU University Amsterdam131528373.04 MB
ftp.th.vu.nlVU University Amsterdam1561.2 K274.15 MB
ftp.icce.rug.nlUniversity of Groningen4682200.85 MB
ftp.tue.nlEindhoven University of Technology1291.1 K181.65 MB
ftp.bitwizard.nlBitWizard Linux Experts2032733.12 MB
ftp.mesa.nlMesa Consulting BV207930.40 MB