Croatian Academic and Research Network - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Site:debian.carnet.hrScan Date:10/May/2015
Description:Croatian Academic and Research NetworkTotal Dirs:42,127
Country:CroatiaTotal Files:1,466,465
PDF Data:1.19 TB

Top 10 Directories

/42.1 K1.47 M1.19 TB
/debian29.5 K1.13 M1.08 TB
/debian/pool25.2 K1.07 M1.06 TB
/debian/pool/main24.5 K1.06 M1.03 TB
/debian/pool/main/g1.4 K92.6 K99.68 GB
/debian/pool/main/q22323.5 K89.22 GB
/debian/pool/main/c1.1 K50.2 K77.51 GB
/misc12.6 K321.3 K72.43 GB
/debian/pool/main/k48634.4 K65.64 GB
/debian/pool/main/p2.6 K85.5 K63.86 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files917,919965.86 GB79.05 %
Archive Files265,274197.92 GB16.20 %
Disk Image Files22845.66 GB3.74 %
Miscellaneous Files106,2423.51 GB0.29 %
Document Files110,8763.10 GB0.25 %
Internet Files4,3192.60 GB0.21 %
Data Files57,5731.18 GB0.10 %
Image Files4891.02 GB0.08 %
Program Files43877.30 MB0.07 %
Help Files15055.03 MB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
debian-6.0.7-i386-DVD-1.iso23/Feb/20134.37 GB
debian-6.0.7-amd64-DVD-1.iso23/Feb/20134.32 GB
debian-7.8.0-i386-DVD-1.iso10/Jan/20153.72 GB
debian-8.0.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso25/Apr/20153.70 GB
debian-8.0.0-i386-DVD-1.iso25/Apr/20153.70 GB
debian-7.8.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso10/Jan/20153.70 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_6.0.37.orig.tar.gz08/Sep/20141.41 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_6.5.14.orig.tar.xz26/Feb/20151.17 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_5.5.22.orig.tar.gz22/Sep/20131.07 GB
flightgear-data_3.4.0+dfsg.orig.tar.bz219/Feb/20151.07 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/0559,01076.69 GB
2015/0479,169134.05 GB
2015/0346,08871.68 GB
2015/0230,06743.69 GB
2015/0128,52542.32 GB
2014/1229,28549.89 GB
2014/1141,70959.07 GB
2014/1080,98088.68 GB
2014/0955,71151.45 GB
2014/0859,80429.91 GB
2014/0723,67619.58 GB
2014/0624,07819.28 GB