Massachusetts Institute of Technology - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Date:01/May/2015
Description:Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTotal Dirs:73,699
Country:United StatesTotal Files:1,669,167
PDF Data:1.75 TB

Top 10 Directories

/73.7 K1.67 M1.75 TB
/debian29.5 K1.13 M1.07 TB
/debian/pool25.2 K1.07 M1.05 TB
/debian/pool/main24.5 K1.05 M1.02 TB
/ubuntu44.1 K538 K694.71 GB
/ubuntu/pool40.7 K518.3 K649.65 GB
/ubuntu/pool/universe32.1 K341.6 K334.71 GB
/ubuntu/pool/main7.2 K167.7 K270.81 GB
/ubuntu/pool/main/l1.6 K59.7 K105.68 GB
/debian/pool/main/g1.4 K92.4 K104.93 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files1,237,1591.41 TB80.76 %
Archive Files280,156319.93 GB17.84 %
Disk Image Files42211.30 GB0.63 %
Miscellaneous Files9,51110.96 GB0.61 %
Data Files135,4941.86 GB0.10 %
Image Files4771.02 GB0.06 %
Linux System Files40550.26 MB0.00 %
Development Files2,38724.40 MB0.00 %
Program Files137.60 MB0.00 %
Document Files3,0252.69 MB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_6.0.37.orig.tar.gz15/Oct/20141.41 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_6.0.37.orig.tar.gz08/Sep/20141.41 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_6.5.14.orig.tar.xz25/Feb/20151.17 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_6.5.14.orig.tar.xz28/Feb/20151.17 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_5.5.22.orig.tar.gz22/Sep/20131.07 GB
nvidia-cuda-toolkit_5.5.22.orig.tar.gz13/Apr/20141.07 GB
flightgear-data_3.4.0+dfsg.orig.tar.bz218/Feb/20151.07 GB
flightgear-data_3.4.0+dfsg.orig.tar.bz219/Feb/20151.07 GB
flightgear-data_3.0.0.orig.tar.bz219/Feb/20141.00 GB
flightgear-data_3.0.0.orig.tar.bz220/Feb/20141.00 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/0500 Bytes
2015/04114,392210.24 GB
2015/0355,331113.48 GB
2015/0235,08058.27 GB
2015/0133,20546.64 GB
2014/1242,16667.25 GB
2014/1151,57480.49 GB
2014/10111,031127.26 GB
2014/0962,11569.77 GB
2014/0870,16850.50 GB
2014/0736,65844.27 GB
2014/0631,64234.83 GB