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FTP Site:ftp-stud.hs-esslingen.deScan Date:03/Oct/2014
Description:Esslingen University of Applied SciencesTotal Dirs:447
Country:GermanyTotal Files:8,978
PDF Data:8.69 GB

Top 10 Directories

/4479 K8.69 GB
/pub4439 K8.69 GB
/pub/rpm4sun41.7 K2.86 GB
/pub/wine2132.67 GB
/pub/wine/wineconf1132.67 GB
/pub/wine/wineconf/20050132.67 GB
/pub/rpm4sun/SRPMS06041.67 GB
/pub/rpm4sun/RPMS21.1 K1.19 GB
/pub/rpm4sun/RPMS/sparc01.1 K1.17 GB
/pub/cdimages02965.91 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files2,3593.52 GB40.47 %
Video Files122.67 GB30.70 %
Archive Files3,0151.02 GB11.76 %
Miscellaneous Files422570.13 MB6.41 %
Disk Image Files2483.66 MB5.44 %
Program Files42356.12 MB4.00 %
Image Files1,26854.71 MB0.61 %
Music Files35433.93 MB0.38 %
Data Files22516.75 MB0.19 %
Document Files1,1483.48 MB0.04 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
2005_04_30_14_00_31.avi01/May/2005508.67 MB
up-1.1.9.iso23/Feb/1999482.96 MB
test23/Feb/1999482.96 MB
2005_05_01_15_07_37.avi01/May/2005316.24 MB
2005_04_30_10_12_39.avi01/May/2005275.03 MB
netdisco0.95-gentoo.zip18/Oct/2007269.62 MB
2005_05_01_13_57_26.avi01/May/2005250.23 MB
2005_04_30_11_22_59.avi01/May/2005244.54 MB
2005_05_01_09_52_29.avi01/May/2005233.30 MB
2005_05_01_11_12_30.avi01/May/2005231.44 MB

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