University of Adelaide - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Date:23/Apr/2014
Description:University of AdelaideTotal Dirs:442
Country:AustraliaTotal Files:10,627
PDF Data:18.82 GB

Top 10 Directories

/44210.6 K18.82 GB
/pub44110.6 K18.82 GB
/pub/users43710.6 K18.82 GB
/pub/users/dmonro014139.4 K13.40 GB
/pub/users/a106495902184.74 GB
/pub/users/dmonro01/v6.3.1a45716874.89 MB
/pub/users/dmonro01/v7.1.0a39611806.91 MB
/pub/users/dmonro01/v7.1.0a/v7.1.0a38609806.77 MB
/pub/users/dmonro01/v7.0.2c39628795.96 MB
/pub/users/dmonro01/v7.0.2c/v7.0.2c38626795.49 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files1097.84 GB41.66 %
Linux Package Files6,7485.66 GB30.07 %
Miscellaneous Files2,1965.21 GB27.70 %
Data Files1,20643.61 MB0.23 %
Document Files28838.41 MB0.20 %
Program Files526.76 MB0.14 %
Development Files51485.78 KB0.00 %
Internet Files1479.59 KB0.00 %
Help Files2367.10 KB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
v6.4.1b.tar.gz20/Jan/2013895.25 MB
v6.3.1a.tar.gz23/Apr/2010866.29 MB
v7.1.0a.tar.gz03/Apr/2013797.58 MB
v7.0.2c.tar.gz03/Apr/2013786.82 MB
v7.0.2a.tar.gz03/Apr/2013786.55 MB
v6.2.2f.tar.gz23/Feb/2012638.59 MB
v6.2.2e.tar.gz20/Jan/2013638.18 MB
v6.2.2b.tar.gz23/Apr/2010638.03 MB
v6.2.0b.tar.gz03/Apr/2009626.04 MB
SA04/Oct/2012478.12 MB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2014/0424129.24 KB
2014/0347960.07 MB
2014/0231157.40 KB
2014/0134225.42 KB
2013/1214394.17 KB
2013/1132166.57 KB
2013/1033175.60 KB
2013/0933171.53 KB
2013/081803.06 GB
2013/0737260.49 KB
2013/0632168.68 KB
2013/0537166.72 KB