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FTP Site:ftp.ashtech.comScan Date:13/Nov/2015
Description:Ashtech Global Positioning and GuidanceTotal Dirs:1,470
Country:United StatesTotal Files:5,556
PDF Data:10.90 GB

Top 10 Directories

/1.5 K5.6 K10.90 GB
/Spectra-precision1.2 K5 K10.17 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy1.2 K4.8 K9.80 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/Land Survey5612 K6.38 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/GIS5532.7 K3.28 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/Land Survey/FAST Survey904552.56 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/Land Survey/FAST Survey/Software864302.52 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/Land Survey/FAST Survey/Software/old releases734022.30 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/GIS/MobileMapper 102281.1 K1.61 GB
/Spectra-precision/Legacy/Land Survey/ProMark 100 - 2001315671.08 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Program Files1,2503.70 GB34.01 %
Miscellaneous Files1,6123.09 GB28.38 %
Archive Files2812.89 GB26.51 %
Document Files581552.92 MB4.96 %
Windows System Files659372.57 MB3.34 %
Data Files540206.17 MB1.85 %
Windows Package Files1464.20 MB0.58 %
Database Files1617.74 MB0.16 %
Image Files27911.84 MB0.11 %
Video Files111.26 MB0.10 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
ProMark19/Oct/2012794.25 MB
MobileMapperField_V3.0.zip26/Oct/2015740.02 MB
3.80.8.zip30/May/2013251.10 MB
ProMark_Field_3.5_CD_PN501525G.zip04/Oct/2013155.62 MB
2.01/Sep/2010143.48 MB
4.01/Sep/2010126.29 MB
3.01/Sep/2010110.68 MB
data2.cab12/Nov/2012110.20 MB
65-0817-S3-V1.0-SChinese.zip08/Jan/201590.61 MB
MobileMapper08/Jan/201583.57 MB

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