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FTP Site:ftp.cc.purdue.eduScan Date:12/Jun/2015
Description:Purdue UniversityTotal Dirs:916
Country:United StatesTotal Files:23,358
PDF Report:ftp.cc.purdue.edu.pdfTotal Data:118.61 GB

Top 10 Directories

/91623.4 K118.61 GB
/pub90923.4 K118.61 GB
/pub/pusports85422.9 K116.52 GB
/pub/pusports/softball2085.5 K20.08 GB
/pub/pusports/track and field793.3 K13.20 GB
/pub/pusports/tennis181.8 K11.23 GB
/pub/pusports/Paul Sadler1072 K9.34 GB
/pub/pusports/volleyball1111.8 K7.92 GB
/pub/pusports/tennis/2014-15 WT101.2 K6.48 GB
/pub/pusports/tennis/2014-15 WT/Action71.1 K6.38 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Image Files17,90855.69 GB46.95 %
Miscellaneous Files5,07443.49 GB36.66 %
Video Files5310.56 GB8.90 %
Disk Image Files15.93 GB5.00 %
Archive Files91.45 GB1.22 %
Data Files721.06 GB0.89 %
Document Files169365.20 MB0.30 %
Music Files477.59 MB0.06 %
Database Files498.20 MB0.01 %
Development Files1386.81 KB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
WVB11132009A.iso22/Sep/20145.93 GB
robinson.mov08/Jan/20144.24 GB
coach13/Dec/20132.31 GB
Gene18/Feb/20141.54 GB
14-03-2213/Jun/20141.43 GB
Cradle11/Aug/20101.31 GB
196909/Dec/2014767.24 MB
students_touchdown_1.MOV23/Sep/2014698.08 MB
CampusNoSound.mov15/Oct/2013697.71 MB
00057.MTS10/Mar/2015653.17 MB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/0659268.83 MB
2015/051,9559.68 GB
2015/042,68612.77 GB
2015/032,5838.70 GB
2015/028525.50 GB
2015/015101.62 GB
2014/122081.61 GB
2014/113673.05 GB
2014/10190684.72 MB
2014/091,08012.17 GB
2014/08269526.52 MB
2014/0758222.26 MB