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FTP Site:ftp.create.ucsb.eduScan Date:10/Jan/2015
Description:University Of California Santa BarbaraTotal Dirs:162
Country:United StatesTotal Files:2,278
PDF Data:1.18 GB

Top 10 Directories

/1622.3 K1.18 GB
/aton04681.24 MB
/stp22132227.41 MB
/Smalltalk92960172.15 MB
/stp/sound332169.09 MB
/Smalltalk/Music34299128.90 MB
/Smalltalk/Music/Siren30280122.96 MB
/stp/sound/Messages01889.45 MB
/Smalltalk/Music/Siren/3.02319358.51 MB
/Smalltalk/Music/Siren/3.0/Pieces0652.78 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files112568.86 MB47.19 %
Video Files3366.38 MB30.39 %
Miscellaneous Files83163.84 MB13.59 %
Document Files15040.95 MB3.40 %
Disk Image Files330.58 MB2.54 %
Development Files39610.88 MB0.90 %
Data Files549.11 MB0.76 %
Music Files1,0868.29 MB0.69 %
Internet Files953.39 MB0.28 %
Image Files2953.24 MB0.27 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
UCSD.DRIVE.2.mov31/Dec/2001324.44 MB
ATON_RELEASE.tar.gz06/Dec/2001314.86 MB
Encoder_Examples.zip07/May/200371.81 MB
Siren7.5.zip20/Mar/200735.20 MB
UCSD.DRIVE.1.mov31/Dec/200130.74 MB
CNSI.DPP.FINAL.hqx10/Feb/200228.31 MB
CNSI.DPP.FINAL.pdf10/Feb/200220.83 MB
SqueakV3.sources04/Feb/200113.87 MB
AGAO.excerpt.aiff19/Feb/200113.51 MB
Kombination11.excerpt.aiff19/Feb/200112.58 MB

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