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FTP Site:ftp.cs.engr.uky.eduScan Date:04/Jan/2015
Description:University of KentuckyTotal Dirs:23
Country:United StatesTotal Files:538
PDF Data:73.12 MB

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/2353873.12 MB
/cs2153873.12 MB
/cs/manuscripts013350.27 MB
/cs/software25610.88 MB
/cs/studentinfo143268.13 MB
/cs/studentinfo/Exams103098.07 MB
/cs/studentinfo/Exams/breadth31345.44 MB
/cs/techreports0233.85 MB
/cs/studentinfo/Exams/found31382.14 MB
/cs/software/deres04770.10 KB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Document Files29759.36 MB81.18 %
Archive Files7112.09 MB16.54 %
Program Files11.04 MB1.42 %
Miscellaneous Files93424.02 KB0.57 %
Internet Files26105.88 KB0.14 %
Data Files1150.48 KB0.07 %
Development Files1540.32 KB0.05 %
Help Files418.18 KB0.02 %
Image Files209.43 KB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
gsat-3.ps02/Feb/19983.70 MB
sigmod.ps02/Jan/19983.08 MB
comp-def-log.ps02/Jul/19982.95 MB
vade.mecum.2.ps01/Feb/19952.32 MB
LiuDissertation.pdf12/Feb/20071.42 MB
352-02.pdf06/Sep/20021.37 MB
vade.mecum.2.pdf15/Oct/20011.27 MB
ws_ftple.exe11/Oct/19991.04 MB
clp-1.2.tar.gz06/Aug/1999948.12 KB
WTP-alg.ps12/Oct/2000871.50 KB

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