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FTP Site:ftp.cs.ucla.eduScan Date:15/Jun/2015
Description:University of CaliforniaTotal Dirs:146
Country:United StatesTotal Files:2,891
PDF Data:2.38 GB

Top 10 Directories

/1462.9 K2.38 GB
/tech-report251.2 K1.68 GB
/tech-report/198_-reports04041016.61 MB
/pub1191.7 K716.83 MB
/pub/stat_ser5821481.61 MB
/tech-report/1991-reports084186.08 MB
/tech-report/1990-reports053151.57 MB
/tech-report/1992-reports057129.61 MB
/pub/ritke11084.83 MB
/tech-report/1993-reports04173.16 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Document Files1,6242.07 GB86.97 %
Archive Files814229.40 MB9.41 %
Video Files139.77 MB1.63 %
Miscellaneous Files6334.09 MB1.40 %
Program Files15.26 MB0.22 %
Image Files884.82 MB0.20 %
Data Files1802.71 MB0.11 %
Linux Package Files1792.42 KB0.03 %
Development Files11502.64 KB0.02 %
Backup Files1474.39 KB0.02 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Pearl-Toronto-June2007.mp423/Apr/201439.77 MB
920057.pdf22/Mar/200127.07 MB
870017.pdf14/Mar/200122.27 MB
910017.pdf14/Mar/200122.20 MB
tcpdump2_24_99_120pm.masked.gz25/Mar/199921.68 MB
910083.pdf22/Mar/200119.82 MB
900025.pdf14/Mar/200116.61 MB
pearl.ppt06/Oct/199916.17 MB
880038.pdf14/Mar/200116.15 MB
solutions.tar.gz23/Sep/200214.73 MB

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2015/0544.04 MB
2015/044814.30 KB
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