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FTP Site:ftp.cs.umass.eduScan Date:15/Jun/2015
Description:University of Massachusetts AmherstTotal Dirs:382
Country:United StatesTotal Files:7,362
PDF Data:4.71 GB

Top 10 Directories

/3827.4 K4.71 GB
/pub3717.3 K4.38 GB
/pub/techrept222.5 K2.20 GB
/pub/techrept/techreport191 K2.20 GB
/pub/net3014.2 K1.86 GB
/pub/net/pub2012.8 K1.21 GB
/pub/net/upload661.1 K459.55 MB
/pub/net/upload/maya40980456.46 MB
/pub/techrept/techreport/2005047349.09 MB
/router03332.81 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Document Files4,0982.76 GB58.69 %
Archive Files1,0621.14 GB24.28 %
Miscellaneous Files1,463588.08 MB12.19 %
Image Files188113.13 MB2.35 %
Video Files578.45 MB1.63 %
Data Files13431.96 MB0.66 %
Development Files3385.67 MB0.12 %
Linux Package Files11.81 MB0.04 %
Backup Files121.54 MB0.03 %
Database Files1796.50 KB0.02 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
UM-CS-2005-052.ps11/Oct/2005170.83 MB
jinstall-ppc-12.3R8.7-domestic-signed.tgz29/Dec/2014143.39 MB
confman.tar.gz27/Apr/2000116.97 MB
jinstall-ppc-11.4R5.7-domestic-signed.tgz12/Feb/201394.71 MB
jinstall-ppc-11.4R5.5-domestic-signed.tgz12/Oct/201294.71 MB
UM-CS-1996-074.ps21/Feb/199769.15 MB
UM-CS-2007-042.ps07/Aug/200760.69 MB
UM-CS-2002-008.ps05/Mar/200257.62 MB
UM-CS-2005-040.ps26/Jul/200551.95 MB
UM-CS-2002-010.ps12/Mar/200249.66 MB

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