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FTP Site:ftp.cs.unc.eduScan Date:12/Jun/2015
Description:University of North CarolinaTotal Dirs:23
Country:United StatesTotal Files:1,142
PDF Data:388.29 MB

Top 10 Directories

/231.1 K388.29 MB
/pub101 K362.62 MB
/pub/packages788359.22 MB
/pub/packages/GRIP688359.22 MB
/pub/packages/GRIP/publication_addenda14223.65 MB
/pub/packages/GRIP/publication_addenda/TSNSRFET04223.65 MB
/pub/packages/GRIP/vrpn273131.08 MB
/pub/packages/GRIP/vrpn/old_versions06070.66 MB
/incoming49725.67 MB
/pub/packages/GRIP/vrpn/bad_versions0714.66 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files79354.74 MB91.36 %
Music Files2021.88 MB5.63 %
Document Files9766.78 MB1.75 %
Program Files104.23 MB1.09 %
Android Files1312.06 KB0.08 %
Internet Files5249.00 KB0.06 %
Miscellaneous Files4779.67 KB0.02 %
Database Files141.50 KB0.01 %
Development Files18.17 KB0.00 %
Data Files1296 Bytes0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
ch-spice3f5.zip02/Jul/2002161.58 MB
po-fet.zip17/Jun/200232.19 MB
no-fet.zip17/Jun/200229.87 MB
vrpn_07_30.zip17/Mar/201215.26 MB
vrpn_git_2012_03_17.zip17/Mar/201215.25 MB
vrpn_07_29.zip23/May/201114.84 MB
vrpn_07_28.zip04/Nov/20107.32 MB
vrpn_07_27.zip24/Oct/20107.32 MB
R03062015-85-110MHz-h3m25.mp310/Jun/20154.75 MB
R07062015-85-110MHz-h4m02.mp310/Jun/20153.09 MB

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