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FTP Site:ftp.cscs.chScan Date:08/Jan/2015
Description:Swiss Education and Research NetworkTotal Dirs:189
Country:SwitzerlandTotal Files:2,669
PDF Data:160.69 GB

Top 10 Directories

/1892.7 K160.69 GB
/out1882.7 K160.69 GB
/out/stockli2460465.42 GB
/out/stockli/bluemarble1142534.93 GB
/out/stockli/bluemarble/bmng739631.12 GB
/out/micheled35128.62 GB
/out/stockli/phenoanalysis28623.85 GB
/out/stockli/bluemarble/bmng/world_500m019223.27 GB
/out/stockli/phenoanalysis/Global-Prediction03321.52 GB
/out/jfavre301.3 K21.18 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Miscellaneous Files57678.28 GB48.73 %
Image Files1,37033.95 GB21.14 %
Video Files40224.30 GB15.13 %
Archive Files15317.31 GB10.77 %
Data Files213.47 GB2.16 %
Document Files821.47 GB0.92 %
Music Files12962.62 MB0.59 %
Text Files7647.11 MB0.39 %
Disk Image Files8178.54 MB0.11 %
Program Files9111.08 MB0.07 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
cylinder0.f000128/Oct/20136.62 GB
256.tar29/Apr/20143.26 GB
Day1-2-Neil.Stringfellow18/Dec/20122.94 GB
Day3-2-3-Benjamin.Cumming18/Dec/20122.58 GB
N1E6-T60-solutions.h530/May/20082.48 GB
astro_exa_20130910_15a_Public_Conference-tot.mov20/Dec/20132.38 GB
Day2-1-Neil.Stringfellow18/Dec/20122.25 GB
tab_100M.dat18/Jun/20122.24 GB
EDF-test_case_1.h5part30/May/20081.99 GB
galaxies-17-08-2012.tar17/Aug/20121.68 GB

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