University of Cambridge - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Date:11/Jan/2015
Description:University of CambridgeTotal Dirs:3,124
Country:United KingdomTotal Files:784,719
PDF Data:1.36 TB

Top 10 Directories

/3.1 K784.7 K1.36 TB
/pub3.1 K784.7 K1.36 TB
/pub/linux2.9 K783.1 K1.35 TB
/pub/linux/sl2.9 K783.1 K1.35 TB
/pub/linux/sl/upstream2.7 K738.6 K1.26 TB
/pub/linux/sl/upstream/5rolling23036.2 K137.62 GB
/pub/linux/sl/upstream/6rolling14879.9 K125.53 GB
/pub/linux/sl/upstream/5211731.8 K92.13 GB
/pub/linux/sl/upstream/5011729 K76.84 GB
/pub/linux/sl/upstream/5310430 K62.11 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files504,2841.22 TB89.31 %
Disk Image Files217122.90 GB8.82 %
Image Files5377.92 GB0.57 %
Data Files53,1607.41 GB0.53 %
Archive Files4,0276.45 GB0.46 %
Document Files1,4241.69 GB0.12 %
Miscellaneous Files2,4701.38 GB0.10 %
Internet Files216,511999.93 MB0.07 %
Script Files1,354131.93 MB0.01 %
Music Files2465.59 MB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
SL-52-100608-x86_64-DVD.iso06/Oct/20084.36 GB
SL-52-062708-x86_64-DVD.iso27/Jun/20084.36 GB
SL-53-022409-x86_64-DVD-disc1.iso25/Feb/20094.36 GB
SL-51-011608-i386-DVD.iso16/Jan/20084.24 GB
SL-53-021909-i386-DVD.iso19/Feb/20094.09 GB
SL-53-021309-i386-DVD.iso17/Feb/20094.09 GB
SL-52-062608-i386-DVD.iso27/Jun/20084.00 GB
SL.48.080209.x86_64.DVD.iso08/Sep/20093.87 GB
SL.48.072909.i386.DVD.iso08/Sep/20093.54 GB
livedvd64_SL53_2009-03-23.iso27/Mar/20092.52 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/01654768.29 MB
2014/127,38115.16 GB
2014/1115,3996.67 GB
2014/1021,72126.11 GB
2014/094,07117.08 GB
2014/083,1654.11 GB
2014/073,13621.93 GB
2014/067,93415.62 GB
2014/051,0623.00 GB
2014/044,50920.10 GB
2014/035,78315.36 GB
2014/0226,77010.10 GB