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FTP Site:ftp.dca.fee.unicamp.brScan Date:29/Aug/2015
Description:State University of CampinasTotal Dirs:533
Country:BrazilTotal Files:4,542
PDF Data:12.72 GB

Top 10 Directories

/5334.5 K12.72 GB
/pub5324.5 K12.72 GB
/pub/docs5024.5 K12.45 GB
/pub/docs/gudwin721 K7.33 GB
/pub/docs/vonzuben1961.8 K3.79 GB
/pub/docs/gudwin/ia00511812.63 GB
/pub/docs/gudwin/ia8890732.12 GB
/pub/docs/gudwin/ia0092761.26 GB
/pub/docs/gudwin/ia009/audio0151.24 GB
/pub/docs/vonzuben/ia013_1s12139852.48 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Music Files715.71 GB44.85 %
Archive Files1,4304.14 GB32.51 %
Document Files2,6811.93 GB15.14 %
Video Files10605.22 MB4.65 %
Miscellaneous Files83190.72 MB1.46 %
Program Files23117.08 MB0.90 %
Internet Files3336.19 MB0.28 %
Linux Package Files211.91 MB0.09 %
Development Files9711.56 MB0.09 %
Backup Files33.96 MB0.03 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
processo_CVZ_vs_Carrefour.zip04/May/2015789.78 MB
videos_topico6_IA013_Parte2.zip28/May/2012583.31 MB
AfriconGudwin.vob21/Sep/2007239.63 MB
confrat_DCA_2006.zip28/Dec/2007204.23 MB
videos_topico6_IA013_Parte1.zip28/May/2012191.88 MB
PapersCeME.zip01/Jul/2008190.88 MB
videos_exps1e2_EA619.zip23/Mar/2012164.54 MB
tdc-original.pdf29/Feb/2012157.96 MB
videos_topico6_parte4.zip10/Nov/2009143.06 MB
videos_exp1_EA619.zip08/Aug/2012133.81 MB

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