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FTP Date:28/Apr/2014
Description:University of EssexTotal Dirs:128
Country:United KingdomTotal Files:1,447
PDF Data:14.30 GB

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/1281.4 K14.30 GB
/pub1271.4 K14.30 GB
/pub/oyster1412913.70 GB
/pub/oyster/CLRMD0513.47 GB
/pub/omard15280316.04 MB
/pub/omard/dsam2234236.93 MB
/pub/oyster/polarization01192.70 MB
/pub/psychology29627123.05 MB
/pub/psychology/rmeddis27627123.05 MB
/pub/omard/dsam/BETA037113.07 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Miscellaneous Files14313.49 GB94.28 %
Archive Files337445.18 MB3.04 %
Program Files64146.87 MB1.00 %
Document Files113117.83 MB0.80 %
Linux Package Files8662.20 MB0.42 %
Data Files12528.44 MB0.19 %
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File NameModifiedFile Size
step7.1_production.dcd25/Mar/20135.53 GB
step7.3_production.dcd25/Mar/20135.06 GB
step7.2_production.dcd25/Mar/20132.86 GB
polarization.tar17/Mar/2011192.70 MB
example.zip24/Oct/200751.50 MB
diat_walk.dat13/Feb/200724.65 MB
UWV.avi25/Oct/199716.26 MB
wxMSW-2.4.0.zip23/May/200313.42 MB
AMS_SDIb14.exe01/Jul/200511.32 MB
AMS_SDIb13.exe01/Jun/200511.31 MB

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