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FTP Site:ftp.geog.ucsb.eduScan Date:04/Sep/2014
Description:University Of California Santa BarbaraTotal Dirs:412
Country:United StatesTotal Files:3,768
PDF Data:23.37 GB

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/4123.8 K23.37 GB
/pub3152 K17.73 GB
/pub/opl2041.6 K11.78 GB
/pub/opl/tommy2031.6 K11.78 GB
/ge03rado851.7 K5.59 GB
/ge03rado/RaDyO_ftp841.7 K5.59 GB
/pub/bodo0103.36 GB
/pub/opl/tommy/Geog3a443003.13 GB
/pub/opl/tommy/Geog3a/Lectures272392.48 GB
/pub/opl/tommy/Geog3a/Lectures/2008F252112.45 GB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files2445.93 GB25.37 %
Document Files7505.04 GB21.57 %
Video Files684.13 GB17.67 %
Image Files1,2633.23 GB13.84 %
Miscellaneous Files7992.82 GB12.05 %
Data Files4181.87 GB8.00 %
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Windows Package Files38.22 MB0.03 %
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Database Files343.02 MB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Arun_Topo_Mosaic.zip24/Oct/20113.28 GB
RaDyO06/Oct/2011567.13 MB
DickeyPart1.mp403/Dec/2012424.72 MB
DickeyPart1.mp412/Dec/2012424.72 MB
DickeyPart2.mp403/Dec/2012393.32 MB
DickeyPart2.mp412/Dec/2012393.32 MB
meanslope.tar.gz03/May/2006324.68 MB
meanslope.tar.gz03/May/2006324.68 MB
moseanhi_qc.zip02/Mar/2013291.07 MB
km0921_met06/Oct/2011261.28 MB

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