University of Hamburg - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Site:ftp.hs.uni-hamburg.deScan Date:22/Nov/2015
Description:University of HamburgTotal Dirs:4,265
Country:GermanyTotal Files:847,776
PDF Data:1.77 TB

Top 10 Directories

/4.3 K847.8 K1.77 TB
/pub4.2 K847.6 K1.77 TB
/pub/outgoing1.2 K373.6 K1.21 TB
/pub/outgoing/phoenix764346.5 K1.15 TB
/pub/mirrors3 K474 K566.93 GB
/pub/outgoing/phoenix/PHOENIX-ACES-2009203.2 K503.80 GB
/pub/outgoing/phoenix/PHOENIX-ACES-2009/AGS193.2 K503.80 GB
/pub/outgoing/phoenix/PHOENIX-ACES-2009/AGS/Cond183.2 K503.80 GB
/pub/mirrors/opensuse1.1 K457.1 K493.67 GB
/pub/mirrors/opensuse/opensuse1.1 K457.1 K493.67 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files296,5911.14 TB64.28 %
Linux Package Files455,583459.07 GB25.33 %
Disk Image Files15686.78 GB4.79 %
Miscellaneous Files16,70461.79 GB3.41 %
Data Files56,20820.42 GB1.13 %
Video Files366.49 GB0.36 %
Image Files7,1235.61 GB0.31 %
Document Files11,6283.80 GB0.21 %
Program Files5513.04 GB0.17 %
Development Files1,665440.77 MB0.02 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Ubuntu01/Sep/201013.83 GB
Asplund-solarAGS-full-large.idlsave.gz06/Oct/20114.78 GB
DRIFT.v1.2.tar01/Nov/20124.53 GB
openSUSE-12.3-DVD-x86_64.iso06/Mar/20134.37 GB
openSUSE-12.2-DVD-x86_64.iso29/Aug/20124.35 GB
openSUSE-12.1-DVD-x86_64.iso10/Nov/20114.31 GB
openSUSE-13.1-DVD-x86_64.iso06/Nov/20134.26 GB
table.f17_TSM125/Jun/20144.25 GB
openSUSE-12.3-DVD-i586.iso06/Mar/20134.22 GB
openSUSE-12.2-DVD-i586.iso29/Aug/20124.14 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/111,00829.36 GB
2015/104338.44 GB
2015/09301764.30 MB
2015/082733.89 GB
2015/073676.11 GB
2015/067,1902.80 GB
2015/0576363.30 MB
2015/04163.18 GB
2015/0382.77 GB
2015/02350.70 MB
2015/0111241.36 MB
2014/129153.75 MB