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FTP Site:ftp.icce.rug.nlScan Date:27/Apr/2014
Description:University of GroningenTotal Dirs:46
Country:NetherlandsTotal Files:82
PDF Data:200.85 MB

Top 10 Directories

/4682200.85 MB
/pub4381200.85 MB
/pub/frank3477200.85 MB
/pub/frank/bikepath02873.37 MB
/pub/frank/debian154419.93 MB
/pub/frank/debian/flexc++028.45 MB
/pub/frank/debian/annotations034.54 MB
/pub/frank/debian/bobcat021.95 MB
/pub/frank/debian/icmake051.57 MB
/pub/frank/debian/yodl051.40 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Program Files1100.13 MB49.85 %
Image Files2769.85 MB34.78 %
Archive Files4329.98 MB14.93 %
Document Files7797.84 KB0.39 %
Linux Package Files2108.87 KB0.05 %
Data Files1540 Bytes0.00 %
Miscellaneous Files10 Bytes0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
tih_s_e_14010.exe04/Mar/2011100.13 MB
tb.tgz06/Jan/20106.63 MB
flexc++_2.00.00.tar.gz09/Feb/20144.25 MB
flexc++_2.01.00.tar.gz16/Mar/20144.20 MB
bikepath.zip16/May/20073.53 MB
dsc_0010.jpg16/May/20073.34 MB
dsc_0014.jpg16/May/20072.97 MB
dsc_0017.jpg16/May/20072.96 MB
dsc_0015.jpg16/May/20072.88 MB
dsc_0016.jpg16/May/20072.87 MB

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