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FTP Site:ftp.ics.ele.tue.nlScan Date:12/Nov/2015
Description:Eindhoven University of TechnologyTotal Dirs:757
Country:NetherlandsTotal Files:6,401
PDF Report:ftp.ics.ele.tue.nl.pdfTotal Data:5.80 GB

Top 10 Directories

/7576.4 K5.80 GB
/pub7556.4 K5.80 GB
/pub/edu6765.8 K5.33 GB
/pub/edu/5kk70082.94 GB
/pub/edu/ogo125392.7 K2.26 GB
/pub/edu/ogo12/release5382.7 K2.15 GB
/pub/users58319391.69 MB
/pub/edu/ogo12/release/X1157292295.40 MB
/pub/users/patrick09228.06 MB
/pub/edu/ogo12/release/tetex840209.40 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files1,8205.22 GB90.06 %
Disk Image Files1241.54 MB4.07 %
Document Files375172.60 MB2.91 %
Program Files1598.61 MB1.66 %
Miscellaneous Files2,00937.20 MB0.63 %
Development Files1,09915.85 MB0.27 %
Image Files1715.15 MB0.26 %
Data Files8847.25 MB0.12 %
Help Files1681.55 MB0.03 %
Windows System Files1369.17 KB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Cell-VMware-FC6-SDK21-IDE-02May07.zip11/Dec/20072.65 GB
CellSDK21.iso16/Nov/2007241.54 MB
wim.zip02/Oct/2003175.68 MB
Ogo1.2.zip10/Nov/2006106.39 MB
sis-1.2_RH9.tar30/Oct/200364.01 MB
tetex-2.0.2-14-src.tar.bz217/Sep/200444.68 MB
tetex-2.0.2-15-src.tar.bz211/Oct/200444.68 MB
gcc-mingw-20020817-5-src.tar.bz209/Jan/200328.97 MB
Windows_VMware-player-1.0.3-34682.exe16/Nov/200728.67 MB
streams.tar.gz29/Nov/200825.23 MB

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