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FTP Site:ftp.in2p3.frScan Date:16/Jan/2015
Description:Institute of Nuclear PhysicsTotal Dirs:155,317
Country:FranceTotal Files:5,679,272
PDF Data:10.23 TB

Top 10 Directories

/155.3 K5.68 M10.23 TB
/pub155.3 K5.68 M10.23 TB
/pub/linux114.3 K5.07 M8.79 TB
/pub/linux/fedora1.8 K2.08 M3.09 TB
/pub/linux/scientific6.2 K838 K2.61 TB
/pub/linux/fedora/updates2091.34 M1.68 TB
/pub/linux/fedora/releases1.6 K730.1 K1.06 TB
/pub/linux/ubuntu44.1 K594.4 K766.73 GB
/pub/mysql2815.4 K737.75 GB
/pub/mysql/Downloads2715.4 K737.75 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files3,979,6226.48 TB63.41 %
Archive Files626,0461.79 TB17.51 %
Disk Image Files2,7511.56 TB15.22 %
Data Files481,300210.39 GB2.01 %
Miscellaneous Files207,12287.99 GB0.84 %
Program Files2,20138.65 GB0.37 %
Image Files2,85730.56 GB0.29 %
Windows Package Files58121.77 GB0.21 %
Video Files758.38 GB0.08 %
Document Files145,3926.42 GB0.06 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
F19-source-DVD-20130909.iso10/Sep/201314.72 GB
F20-Source-DVD-20150106.iso07/Jan/201511.20 GB
F20-source-DVD-20141201.iso02/Dec/201411.17 GB
F20-source-DVD-20141027.iso27/Oct/201411.10 GB
F20-Source-20140926.iso28/Sep/201410.72 GB
F20-SOURCE-20140801.iso01/Aug/201410.32 GB
F20-source-DVD-20140902.iso03/Sep/201410.31 GB
F20-source-DVD-20140703.iso07/Jul/20149.94 GB
F20-Source~20140609-DVD.iso10/Jun/20149.92 GB
F20-Source-DVD-20140512.iso13/May/20149.90 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/0195,461117.67 GB
2014/12153,652303.95 GB
2014/11149,116336.22 GB
2014/10179,556416.35 GB
2014/09116,425312.33 GB
2014/08183,360244.10 GB
2014/07156,916456.33 GB
2014/06101,167249.34 GB
2014/05150,885233.62 GB
2014/04117,258279.18 GB
2014/0398,884263.47 GB
2014/0274,890122.69 GB