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FTP Date:17/Nov/2015
Description:University of Duisburg-EssenTotal Dirs:122
Country:GermanyTotal Files:1,197
PDF Data:5.13 GB

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/1221.2 K5.13 GB
/pub1111.2 K3.40 GB
/debian7351.74 GB
/pub/irp_ss1107773.97 MB
/debian/dists629598.97 MB
/debian/dists/is-custom529598.97 MB
/debian/dists/is-custom/main427598.97 MB
/debian/dists/is-custom/main/binary-i386016580.01 MB
/pub/tmp05422.24 MB
/pub/src15185373.77 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files8603.86 GB75.13 %
Linux Package Files11463.94 MB8.82 %
Document Files116300.57 MB5.72 %
Internet Files32223.72 MB4.25 %
Miscellaneous Files110181.18 MB3.45 %
Data Files22137.53 MB2.62 %
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File NameModifiedFile Size
archived-respositories.tgz28/Apr/20091.15 GB
solr-patent.zip13/Jul/2011546.65 MB
coll.zip20/May/2011348.94 MB
oai_citeseer.tar.gz14/Jun/2004340.78 MB
coll.tgz20/May/2011248.36 MB
texlive-7.tbz19/Mar/2003247.54 MB
user-ct-test-collection-01.txt17/Jan/2013212.44 MB
CLEF.zip10/Dec/2012205.75 MB
coll.tg220/May/2011175.26 MB
fr_rundschau.zip28/May/2013119.31 MB

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