University of Lisbon - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Date:10/Jan/2015
Description:University of LisbonTotal Dirs:17,116
Country:PortugalTotal Files:584,699
PDF Data:435.28 GB

Top 10 Directories

/17.1 K584.7 K435.28 GB
/kernel1.4 K27.6 K213.08 GB
/kernel/v3.x39.4 K147.74 GB
/allmac11441 K75.49 GB
/kernel/v2.6644.9 K53.69 GB
/tucows2836.6 K52.31 GB
/allmac/files07.8 K39.58 GB
/allmac/files102.6 K35.24 GB
/kernel/v3.x/testing096132.59 GB
/GNU89512 K27.27 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files47,191293.80 GB67.85 %
Disk Image Files2,40262.70 GB14.48 %
Program Files8,69247.76 GB11.03 %
Document Files108,1428.19 GB1.89 %
Video Files698.15 GB1.88 %
Data Files51,9534.69 GB1.08 %
Internet Files302,7593.58 GB0.83 %
Miscellaneous Files27,2071.91 GB0.44 %
Windows Package Files3061.38 GB0.32 %
Image Files24,585854.34 MB0.19 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
slackware-13.1-install-dvd.iso27/May/20104.02 GB
Reason_652.dmg09/Nov/20123.36 GB
texlive2014-20140525.iso24/May/20142.47 GB
mactex-20140525.pkg25/May/20142.34 GB
ProTeXt-3.1.4-020114.exe20/Jul/20141.67 GB
DrumCore3_FREE.DMG22/Sep/20101.08 GB
DrumCore3_FREE.DMG22/Sep/20101.08 GB
freebloo.iso20/Apr/20101.07 GB
LSI_20140701_cleanup.txt11/Jul/20141.06 GB
The_GNUnet_Peer-to-Peer_Framework.ogv14/Aug/2010823.51 MB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/01141,8563.79 GB
2014/121,9664.99 GB
2014/1117,2193.24 GB
2014/101,5894.43 GB
2014/092,2093.31 GB
2014/081,1923.48 GB
2014/073,8249.08 GB
2014/061,3675.04 GB
2014/055,1848.67 GB
2014/041,5954.96 GB
2014/031,1494.64 GB
2014/022,8354.99 GB