Austrian Academy of Sciences - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Date:04/Jan/2015
Description:Austrian Academy of SciencesTotal Dirs:5,377
Country:AustriaTotal Files:656,682
PDF Data:326.07 GB

Top 10 Directories

/5.4 K656.7 K326.07 GB
/pub5.4 K656.7 K326.07 GB
/pub/zhang40028.6 K148.25 GB
/pub/zhang/Russell_128Hz401.1 K109.70 GB
/pub/zhang/Russell_128Hz/128Hz391.1 K109.68 GB
/pub/zhang/Russell_128Hz/128Hz/2014-0603038.22 GB
/pub/satgeo2304.6 K27.71 GB
/pub/zhang/Sheffield34124.6 K23.77 GB
/pub/satgeo/Baur81.1 K20.99 GB
/pub/dsp14719.1 K20.97 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Data Files13,481149.02 GB45.79 %
Archive Files4,14651.75 GB15.90 %
Image Files603,09640.75 GB12.52 %
Miscellaneous Files17,86134.20 GB10.51 %
Document Files10,14520.25 GB6.22 %
Music Files5,19915.73 GB4.83 %
Video Files23611.47 GB3.52 %
Windows Package Files371.00 GB0.31 %
Program Files231981.01 MB0.29 %
Linux Package Files28344.77 MB0.10 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
curlcdfs.tar.gz12/May/20144.41 GB
cubscouts.wmv22/Feb/20123.50 GB
Skype26/Feb/20123.34 GB
VEX_cleaned_2013.zip06/Feb/20141.82 GB
GRACE_130703_281012F.mat12/May/20141.73 GB
BIO_2014-07-10T00-00-00_DOY_191_D128_3_DIF.dat22/Dec/20141.65 GB
BIO_2014-07-03T00-00-00_DOY_184_D128_3_DIF.dat22/Dec/20141.61 GB
BIO_2014-07-02T00-00-00_DOY_183_D128_3_DIF.dat22/Dec/20141.60 GB
BIO_2014-06-30T00-00-00_DOY_181_D128_3_DIF.dat22/Dec/20141.60 GB
BIO_2014-06-29T00-00-00_DOY_180_D128_3_DIF.dat22/Dec/20141.59 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/01386.09 MB
2014/126,22385.14 GB
2014/117201.37 GB
2014/104672.77 GB
2014/091,2785.45 GB
2014/085654.92 GB
2014/075923.93 MB
2014/0663183.43 MB
2014/057,44617.12 GB
2014/0473491.47 MB
2014/0370615.09 GB
2014/022,7803.66 GB