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FTP Site:ftp.iwr.uni-heidelberg.deScan Date:23/May/2014
Description:Ruprecht Karl University of HeidelbergTotal Dirs:41
Country:GermanyTotal Files:357
PDF Data:791.42 MB

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/41357791.42 MB
/local2339782.64 MB
/local/RPMS1339782.64 MB
/local/RPMS/sparc640339782.64 MB
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Miscellaneous Files78.11 MB1.03 %
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Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
gcc-3.3.5-1l.sparc64.rpm15/Dec/200433.64 MB
gcc-3.3.4-2l.sparc64.rpm16/Jul/200433.53 MB
gcc-3.3.2-1l.sparc64.rpm14/Jan/200425.44 MB
gcc-4.2.0-3l.sparc64.rpm27/Jun/200712.52 MB
gcc-c++-4.2.0-3l.sparc64.rpm27/Jun/200711.45 MB
php-5.0.5-3l.sparc64.rpm12/Sep/200610.67 MB
php-5.0.5-2l.sparc64.rpm12/Sep/200610.55 MB
php-5.0.5-1l.sparc64.rpm28/Sep/200510.35 MB
bind-9.4.2-1l.sparc64.rpm17/Mar/200810.21 MB
emacs-21.3-6l.sparc64.rpm18/Feb/200410.17 MB

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