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FTP Date:31/Mar/2014
Description:Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyTotal Dirs:463
Country:United StatesTotal Files:8,678
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/4638.7 K650.16 MB
/pub3967 K555.95 MB
/pub/lcs-pubs113.2 K313.19 MB
/pub/lcs-pubs/tr.outbox0186142.76 MB
/pub/dcurtis215389.29 MB
/pub/dcurtis-temp1572.8 K70.17 MB
/pub/dcurtis/CLU153949.12 MB
/student-workshop1439444.66 MB
/pub/dcurtis-temp/pclu411.3 K42.51 MB
/pub/inquir129042.20 MB

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Archive Files414281.74 MB43.38 %
Document Files679181.28 MB27.91 %
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Data Files64920.53 MB3.16 %
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File NameModifiedFile Size
bala-pending.ps26/Oct/1999124.97 MB
inquire.bin.pag09/Jun/199341.31 MB
thor1.tar.gz06/Mar/200526.40 MB MB MB MB MB MB
MIT-LCS-TR-678.lect07/Nov/19979.60 MB
AIIM_Scanner_Test_Chart_2.400x8.tif.gz21/Feb/19979.01 MB

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