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FTP Date:15/Jan/2015
Description:University of LiverpoolTotal Dirs:253
Country:United KingdomTotal Files:1,657
PDF Data:1.18 GB

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/2531.7 K1.18 GB
/pub2471.7 K1.18 GB
/pub/dataxchg02304.99 MB
/pub/maths_chen12190196.20 MB
/pub/maths_chen/workshop_1101695.48 MB
/pub/sasqua210789.31 MB
/pub/dtyson38883.51 MB
/pub/maths_chen/chen012782.92 MB
/pub/sasqua/plants07259.97 MB
/pub/vpnclients01041.04 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files343498.31 MB41.10 %
Document Files292278.13 MB22.94 %
Image Files333218.28 MB18.00 %
Miscellaneous Files21589.91 MB7.42 %
Program Files6153.91 MB4.45 %
Data Files7242.16 MB3.48 %
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Backup Files87.99 MB0.66 %
Development Files2943.92 MB0.32 %
Video Files13.91 MB0.32 %

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File NameModifiedFile Size
zen2.zip13/Jul/1999304.99 MB
t13.pdf06/Jul/201142.88 MB
ecl.zip23/Aug/199636.21 MB
bt040401.tar.Z04/Apr/200124.35 MB
venus.zip24/Mar/200019.07 MB
t3.pdf06/Jul/201115.62 MB
ALL.PPT02/Apr/199714.16 MB
all4.ppt02/Apr/199714.16 MB
Appendix03/Jul/200112.51 MB
vpnclient-win-msi-4.0.2.D-k9.exe26/Sep/200311.20 MB

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