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FTP Site:ftp.math.mun.caScan Date:07/Feb/2015
Description:Memorial University of NewfoundlandTotal Dirs:29,321
Country:CanadaTotal Files:479,283
PDF Data:141.42 GB

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/29.3 K479.3 K141.42 GB
/pub29.3 K479.3 K141.42 GB
/pub/software29.3 K479.3 K141.42 GB
/pub/software/CRAN15.6 K279.6 K115.37 GB
/pub/software/CRAN/bin282173 K83.81 GB
/pub/software/CRAN/bin/macosx12864.9 K44.14 GB
/pub/software/CRAN/bin/windows134102.5 K32.37 GB
/pub/software/CRAN/bin/windows/contrib67101.8 K29.63 GB
/pub/software/CRAN/src6.2 K48.5 K29.51 GB
/pub/software/CRAN/src/contrib6.2 K48.4 K28.37 GB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files182,161114.21 GB80.86 %
Data Files141,5326.40 GB4.53 %
Program Files6495.98 GB4.23 %
Disk Image Files2054.76 GB3.37 %
Linux Package Files2,1994.33 GB3.06 %
Document Files48,2963.83 GB2.71 %
Miscellaneous Files49,482872.53 MB0.60 %
Internet Files29,043449.99 MB0.31 %
Development Files17,528315.12 MB0.22 %
Image Files3,988133.54 MB0.09 %

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File NameModifiedFile Size
texlive2014-20140525.iso24/May/20142.47 GB
mactex-20140525.pkg25/May/20142.34 GB
ProTeXt-3.1.4-020114.exe20/Jul/20141.67 GB
MacTeXtras-20150123.zip23/Jan/2015523.89 MB
ps635Mk29a26.exe03/Apr/2011458.18 MB
chitexu_15a63.tar.gz03/Apr/2011309.92 MB
ltxpkgs.tar.xz30/Jan/2015253.45 MB
mactexadditions20140525.pkg14/Jun/2014220.83 MB
basic-miktex-2.9.5105.exe01/Jan/2014163.18 MB
basic-miktex-2.9.5105-x64.exe01/Jan/2014158.48 MB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

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2015/0240,9226.33 GB
2015/0146,0317.90 GB
2014/124,4611.65 GB
2014/119,5512.39 GB
2014/103,5541.66 GB
2014/095,7251.42 GB
2014/083,3821.69 GB
2014/075,5973.24 GB
2014/063,2861.47 GB
2014/057,7596.51 GB
2014/0418,5474.87 GB
2014/038,7604.12 GB