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FTP Site:ftp.measurement-factory.comScan Date:07/Feb/2015
Description:The Measurement FactoryTotal Dirs:53
Country:United StatesTotal Files:1,228
PDF Data:525.87 MB

Top 10 Directories

/531.2 K525.87 MB
/FreeBSD-4.3-TMF19682286.16 MB
/FreeBSD-3.4.TMF19534226.11 MB
/FreeBSD-4.3-TMF/cdrom01143.51 MB
/FreeBSD-4.3-TMF/ftp17681142.65 MB
/FreeBSD-3.4.TMF/cdrom01115.84 MB
/FreeBSD-3.4.TMF/ftp16533110.27 MB
/FreeBSD-4.3-TMF/ftp/src029762.09 MB
/FreeBSD-3.4.TMF/ftp/src025852.96 MB
/FreeBSD-4.3-TMF/ftp/bin014633.38 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Disk Image Files87293.71 MB55.95 %
Miscellaneous Files711160.34 MB30.55 %
Data Files18432.72 MB6.23 %
Archive Files1214.48 MB2.76 %
Development Files388.21 MB1.56 %
Image Files286.24 MB1.19 %
Internet Files163.49 MB0.66 %
Script Files412.76 MB0.53 %
Windows System Files812.03 MB0.39 %
Database Files5980.00 KB0.18 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
FreeBSD-4.3-TMF.iso17/May/2001143.51 MB
FreeBSD-3.4.TMF.iso19/Jun/2000115.84 MB
kernel02/May/20015.24 MB
squid3-head-200512282231-src.tar.gz28/Dec/20054.18 MB
squid3-head-200512202350-src.tar.gz20/Dec/20054.16 MB
boot.flp16/Jun/20002.81 MB
boot.flp02/May/20012.81 MB
boot.flp16/Jun/20002.81 MB
squid-icap-2_5-20031023.tar.gz23/Oct/20031.60 MB
squid-icap-2_5-20031021.tar.gz21/Oct/20031.60 MB

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