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FTP Site:ftp.mech.kth.seScan Date:01/Nov/2015
Description:Royal Institute Of TechnologyTotal Dirs:270
Country:SwedenTotal Files:2,199
PDF Data:6.71 GB

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/2702.2 K6.71 GB
/pub2692.2 K6.71 GB
/pub/rvinuesa073.08 GB
/pub/pschlatt9911.70 GB
/pub/schrader19401.71 MB
/pub/adam47591264.70 MB
/pub/pschlatt/DATA786254.97 MB
/pub/pschlatt/DATA/BENT_PIPE016248.21 MB
/pub/ahlman343197.86 MB
/pub/adam/Nek500041586190.86 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Data Files1364.63 GB69.11 %
Miscellaneous Files475805.28 MB11.74 %
Document Files253520.34 MB7.59 %
Archive Files28364.56 MB5.32 %
Image Files141260.04 MB3.79 %
Backup Files54147.77 MB0.70 %
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Program Files3335.23 MB0.51 %
Music Files427.01 MB0.39 %
Help Files4413.26 MB0.19 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
newFLD.mat15/Sep/20151.28 GB
u9.mat14/Oct/20151.02 GB
u6.mat14/Oct/20151.02 GB
ucvcwc_GoertlerR4_1025x129x129.dble.00000030/Sep/2009399.03 MB
V.fig15/Oct/2015362.09 MB
P.fig15/Oct/2015352.06 MB
U.fig15/Oct/2015344.88 MB
cy3d0.f0000116/Nov/201286.81 MB
StabTool.tgz24/Sep/201573.40 MB
sphere.tgz17/Sep/201454.51 MB

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