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FTP Site:ftp.ncsa.uiuc.eduScan Date:06/Jun/2015
Description:University Of IllinoisTotal Dirs:3,034
Country:United StatesTotal Files:18,698
PDF Data:31.28 GB

Top 10 Directories

/3 K18.7 K31.28 GB
/outgoing5510313.27 GB
/outgoing/ataha31510.38 GB
/cosmic3216.1 K7.26 GB
/outgoing/ataha/UIC0114.64 GB
/cosmic/data1862.9 K4.07 GB
/benchmarks2378854.05 GB
/benchmarks/outgoing2318854.05 GB
/benchmarks/outgoing/x2268682.21 GB
/VR531991.75 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files3,37714.51 GB46.44 %
Miscellaneous Files3,6234.57 GB14.63 %
Image Files7,0654.46 GB14.26 %
Video Files1302.63 GB8.41 %
Data Files5732.46 GB7.87 %
Disk Image Files61.52 GB4.85 %
Music Files23482.74 MB1.51 %
Document Files2,659370.52 MB1.16 %
Program Files148217.08 MB0.68 %
Development Files60163.89 MB0.20 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
csr_tests_koric.tar.gz30/Oct/20134.66 GB
NCSA_NSF_05_0625.tar10/Feb/20061.35 GB
MediciVM.tar.gz16/Dec/20111.24 GB
micro_20_karima.msh16/Jan/20081.07 GB
DOC_SIMULIA_Abaq.iso04/Mar/2013969.59 MB
NCSA_NSF_05_0625.tar10/Feb/2006969.01 MB
m2_koric_coo.tar.gz08/Nov/2013759.81 MB
micro_39MJets-AllJets-Vj91-NoTmp-cmb.dat21/Nov/2007582.94 MB
micro_39MJets-AllJets-Vj91-800K-cmb.dat21/Nov/2007582.92 MB
aips2v17.iso07/Aug/2002582.09 MB

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