Warsaw University of Technology - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Site:ftp.pwr.wroc.plScan Date:03/Jun/2015
Description:Warsaw University of TechnologyTotal Dirs:135,799
Country:PolandTotal Files:4,632,563
PDF Report:ftp.pwr.wroc.pl.pdfTotal Data:4.77 TB

Top 10 Directories

/135.8 K4.63 M4.77 TB
/pub105.3 K3.93 M4.30 TB
/pub/linux98.7 K3.81 M3.93 TB
/pub/linux/fedora3.9 K1.43 M1.50 TB
/pub/linux/fedora/linux3.9 K1.43 M1.50 TB
/pub/linux/debian29.7 K1.16 M1.13 TB
/pub/linux/debian/pool25.4 K1.1 M1.11 TB
/pub/linux/debian/pool/main24.7 K1.08 M1.08 TB
/pub/linux/fedora/linux/releases2.2 K608.6 K957.71 GB
/pub/linux/ubuntu43.8 K532 K659.29 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files2,688,0233.30 TB69.22 %
Archive Files557,920872.54 GB17.88 %
Disk Image Files1,164431.92 GB8.85 %
Program Files7,03366.77 GB1.37 %
Internet Files494,94047.81 GB0.98 %
Miscellaneous Files537,03445.82 GB0.94 %
Image Files3,19416.21 GB0.33 %
Windows Package Files2168.16 GB0.17 %
Document Files47,2836.66 GB0.14 %
Data Files252,0366.02 GB0.12 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Fedora-20-source-DVD.iso13/Dec/20139.12 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-3.iso25/Apr/20154.38 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-1.iso25/Apr/20154.38 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-9.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-2.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-4.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-8.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-7.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB
debian-8.0.0-source-DVD-5.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB
debian-8.0.0-amd64-DVD-3.iso25/Apr/20154.37 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/06196,88121.12 GB
2015/05311,223450.76 GB
2015/04268,431589.99 GB
2015/03216,105300.72 GB
2015/02205,901189.27 GB
2015/01120,89498.92 GB
2014/12133,017135.56 GB
2014/11164,783153.11 GB
2014/10198,132251.68 GB
2014/0980,257115.49 GB
2014/08203,866183.18 GB
2014/0784,752102.26 GB