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FTP Site:ftp.springer.deScan Date:27/Apr/2015
Description:Springer Science and Business MediaTotal Dirs:16,587
Country:GermanyTotal Files:145,916
PDF Report:ftp.springer.de.pdfTotal Data:477.97 GB

Top 10 Directories

/16.6 K145.9 K477.97 GB
/pub16.6 K145.9 K477.97 GB
/pub/wm15.8 K66.2 K428.09 GB
/pub/wm/Trade ROW1.2 K9.2 K56.36 GB
/pub/wm/Multimedia Team1011844.58 GB
/pub/wm/Multimedia Team/VIDEO BACKUP FOLDER911744.52 GB
/pub/wm/Library2 K6.3 K40.06 GB
/pub/covers2159.3 K31.50 GB
/pub/wm/Springer_R&D16951223.51 GB
/pub/wm/SpringerLink3071 K23.09 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files5,358122.00 GB25.53 %
Miscellaneous Files18,15294.11 GB19.69 %
Video Files50383.67 GB17.51 %
Image Files77,71382.65 GB17.29 %
Document Files29,47169.64 GB14.57 %
Data Files13,87513.83 GB2.89 %
Internet Files4076.69 GB1.40 %
Music Files535.07 GB1.06 %
Help Files54244.24 MB0.05 %
Program Files4248.33 MB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
A06960_Bibliothekartag2014_MV.mp407/Oct/20143.30 GB
A06631_Advantage3D_Intro_MV.mov18/Sep/20142.54 GB
2012_BusinessOverviewDerkHaank_FULL.mp416/Jul/20132.50 GB
A08872_JC_Engineering_MV.mov26/Sep/20142.19 GB
A08874_JC_PhysicsAstro_MV.mov24/Sep/20142.16 GB
A08871_JC_EarthEnvironment_MV.mov22/Sep/20142.15 GB
archive.pst05/Jul/20132.15 GB
archive.pst14/Mar/20142.15 GB
A08870_JC_ComputerScience_MV.mov19/Sep/20142.11 GB
A07282_JC_BehavioralSci_MV.mov23/Sep/20142.10 GB

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2015/02445376.68 MB
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