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FTP Date:15/Jan/2015
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Country:United KingdomTotal Files:11,026
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/pub61411 K147.46 GB
/pub/Units4953.2 K137.77 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc77370111.90 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc/uploads1112497.16 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc/uploads/Yasu57696.96 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc/uploads/Yasu/From_UCL_Genomics37496.95 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc/uploads/Yasu/From_UCL_Genomics/New directory27496.95 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc/uploads/Yasu/From_UCL_Genomics/New directory/Sept1402452.94 GB
/pub/Units/gdsc/uploads/Yasu/From_UCL_Genomics/New directory/Oct1405044.02 GB

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Miscellaneous Files1,2213.07 GB2.08 %
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Development Files1,77548.55 MB0.03 %

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