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FTP Site:ftp.tue.nlScan Date:10/May/2014
Description:Eindhoven University of TechnologyTotal Dirs:129
Country:NetherlandsTotal Files:1,116
PDF Report:ftp.tue.nl.pdfTotal Data:181.65 MB

Top 10 Directories

/1291.1 K181.65 MB
/pub1271.1 K181.65 MB
/pub/Old2415894.29 MB
/pub/tex9594187.13 MB
/pub/Old/pcs21047.01 MB
/pub/tex/4alltex2548933.99 MB
/pub/Old/tuescreen0423.61 MB
/pub/tex/GB95147823.61 MB
/pub/Old/phys39114.26 MB
/pub/tex/GB95/spell-nl-v5b95213.87 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files44067.15 MB37.00 %
Program Files4252.65 MB29.01 %
Miscellaneous Files13727.86 MB15.35 %
Image Files2414.01 MB7.72 %
Document Files927.31 MB4.03 %
Data Files1066.84 MB3.77 %
Music Files23.90 MB2.15 %
Development Files1731.33 MB0.73 %
Windows System Files2339.59 KB0.18 %
Internet Files4386.40 KB0.05 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
sr2aof97.EXE10/Nov/199823.05 MB
sr2aof97nl.exe14/Jan/199922.48 MB
tue.film20/Dec/200012.82 MB
saver.zip16/Jan/200110.15 MB
voorkant.cdr09/Aug/19964.52 MB
voorkan5.cdr09/Aug/19963.79 MB
woor-den.max12/Dec/19963.21 MB
woor-den.max12/Dec/19963.00 MB
egs4pc.zip21/Oct/19972.99 MB
WdNT03/Jul/19962.84 MB

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