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FTP Site:ftp.umontreal.caScan Date:04/Sep/2015
Description:University Of MontrealTotal Dirs:114
Country:CanadaTotal Files:553
PDF Data:1.53 GB

Top 10 Directories

/1145531.53 GB
/mcafee1125531.53 GB
/mcafee/commonupdater1065351.26 GB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Current58353653.76 MB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Evaluation33100491.20 MB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Current/VSCANDAT1000254344.57 MB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Current/VSCANDAT1000/DAT152344.49 MB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Current/VSCANDAT1000/DAT/0000051344.49 MB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Previous1279144.78 MB
/mcafee/commonupdater/Evaluation/SOLIDCOR5000_WIN215141.86 MB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files86742.86 MB47.44 %
Program Files64424.80 MB27.13 %
Image Files54175.33 MB11.20 %
Windows Package Files8123.80 MB7.91 %
Document Files11537.21 MB2.38 %
Data Files13319.09 MB1.22 %
Windows System Files4015.70 MB1.00 %
Linux Package Files2010.28 MB0.66 %
Script Files58.87 MB0.57 %
Help Files147.89 MB0.50 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
sdat6554.exe08/Dec/2011127.89 MB
avvdat-7266.zip21/Nov/2013121.93 MB
avvdat-7006.zip06/Mar/2013121.09 MB
McAfeeVSEForLinux- MB
EPM220-ePO-1298.pkg.tar.gz08/Aug/2015101.05 MB
avvdat-7913.zip03/Sep/201589.39 MB
dat-5937.tar31/Mar/201084.42 MB
V7081029.gz29/Oct/200848.01 MB
patch4.msp02/Sep/201545.74 MB
patch4.msp01/Aug/201545.74 MB

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Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/0994352.94 MB
2015/08228362.23 MB
2015/0726118.21 MB
2015/0613666.19 MB
2015/0526104.48 MB
2015/0454.53 MB
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