University of Bremen Software Archive - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Site:ftp.uni-bremen.deScan Date:18/Jan/2016
Description:University of Bremen Software ArchiveTotal Dirs:41,251
Country:GermanyTotal Files:1,939,429
PDF Data:1.91 TB

Top 10 Directories

/41.3 K1.94 M1.91 TB
/pub19.9 K1.1 M1.01 TB
/pub/mirrors19.8 K1.09 M1.01 TB
/ftp221.4 K837.4 K920.04 GB
/ftp2/pub18.6 K810.5 K918.39 GB
/ftp2/pub/mirrors18.6 K810.5 K918.39 GB
/pub/mirrors/debian18.7 K688.9 K633.94 GB
/pub/mirrors/debian/pool15.7 K636.9 K619.40 GB
/pub/mirrors/debian/pool/main15.5 K633.2 K616.57 GB
/ftp2/pub/mirrors/fedora277303.2 K523.00 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files1,495,6501.59 TB83.39 %
Archive Files225,532155.69 GB7.97 %
Disk Image Files1,162151.56 GB7.75 %
Miscellaneous Files20,4966.16 GB0.32 %
Video Files1,1584.55 GB0.23 %
Image Files7,7383.15 GB0.16 %
Music Files2741.35 GB0.07 %
Data Files63,6021.20 GB0.06 %
Document Files86,785713.08 MB0.04 %
Development Files13,320199.36 MB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
openSUSE-12.3-DVD-x86_64.iso06/Mar/20134.37 GB
openSUSE-12.2-DVD-x86_64.iso29/Aug/20124.35 GB
openSUSE-12.1-DVD-x86_64.iso10/Nov/20114.31 GB
openSUSE-11.4-DVD-x86_64.iso02/Mar/20114.30 GB
Fedora-12-source-DVD.iso11/Nov/20094.23 GB
openSUSE-11.4-DVD-i586.iso02/Mar/20114.23 GB
openSUSE-12.3-DVD-i586.iso06/Mar/20134.22 GB
openSUSE-11.3-DVD-x86_64.iso07/Jul/20104.18 GB
Fedora-13-source-DVD.iso19/May/20104.18 GB
openSUSE-12.2-DVD-i586.iso29/Aug/20124.14 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2016/0168144.15 MB
2015/12144198.65 MB
2015/11269231.89 MB
2015/10122227.90 MB
2015/095625.63 MB
2015/087736.34 MB
2015/0718879.92 MB
2015/061701.68 GB
2015/059093.57 MB
2015/048474.67 MB
2015/031,480114.86 MB
2015/02111368.76 MB