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FTP Site:ftp.uni-halle.deScan Date:15/Nov/2015
Description:Martin Luther University of HalleTotal Dirs:217
Country:GermanyTotal Files:31,142
PDF Data:30.78 GB

Top 10 Directories

/21731.1 K30.78 GB
/suse21631.1 K30.78 GB
/suse/SLES.1114123.6 K23.94 GB
/suse/11-1737.5 K6.84 GB
/suse/11-1/suse446.9 K5.57 GB
/suse/SLES.11/SLES11-SP4253.2 K3.21 GB
/suse/SLES.11/SLES11-SP3253.2 K3.19 GB
/suse/SLES.11/SLES11-SP2263.1 K3.16 GB
/suse/SLES.11/SLES11-SP1-SDK82.8 K2.92 GB
/suse/SLES.11/SLES11-SP3-SDK82.8 K2.92 GB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files28,89928.20 GB91.62 %
Miscellaneous Files6231.01 GB3.30 %
Archive Files349953.91 MB3.03 %
Document Files562503.29 MB1.60 %
Development Files90118.59 MB0.38 %
Data Files18217.24 MB0.05 %
Program Files103.17 MB0.01 %
Help Files2102.71 MB0.01 %
Image Files671.86 MB0.01 %
Internet Files281.77 MB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
texlive-latex-doc-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm26/Jul/2015178.78 MB
texlive-latex-doc-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm30/Sep/2013178.78 MB
texlive-latex-doc-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm10/Jul/2012178.78 MB
texlive-latex-doc-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm10/Jul/2012178.78 MB
texlive-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm10/Jul/2012158.25 MB
texlive-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm10/Jul/2012158.25 MB
texlive-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm30/Sep/2013158.25 MB
texlive-2007-219.34.6.noarch.rpm26/Jul/2015158.25 MB
texlive-2007-219.3.noarch.rpm01/Oct/2010158.24 MB
kde-i386.tar.lzma01/Oct/2010123.95 MB

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