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FTP Site:ftp.unob.czScan Date:28/Aug/2015
Description:Czech University of DefenceTotal Dirs:1,218
Country:Czech RepublicTotal Files:6,747
PDF Data:14.11 GB

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/1.2 K6.7 K14.11 GB
/pub1.2 K6.7 K14.11 GB
/pub/mirrors1 K6.2 K13.66 GB
/pub/mirrors/deadsites1 K6.2 K13.66 GB
/pub/mirrors/deadsites/ K6.2 K13.66 GB
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/pub/mirrors/deadsites/ GB
/pub/mirrors/deadsites/ K2.67 GB
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/pub/mirrors/deadsites/ GB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files1,2107.76 GB55.03 %
Document Files1,3373.09 GB21.92 %
Program Files2,9482.60 GB18.41 %
Data Files839405.04 MB2.80 %
Miscellaneous Files247227.39 MB1.57 %
Windows System Files5724.52 MB0.17 %
Video Files15.72 MB0.04 %
Music Files225.31 MB0.04 %
Development Files351.30 MB0.01 %
Help Files11464.95 KB0.00 %

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File NameModifiedFile Size
coderedaa-4.01-fixed-x86.run28/Jul/2005134.44 MB
v1812_xp64.zip02/Jul/2008106.25 MB
xp64_v1808.zip01/Apr/2008105.81 MB
v1109xp64.zip12/Jan/2007105.30 MB
v1109xp32.zip12/Jan/2007100.96 MB
testfile02/Apr/2014100.00 MB
xp64_v1415.zip14/Nov/200799.40 MB
v1812_vista64.zip02/Jul/200899.40 MB
xp64_v1612.zip05/Jun/200898.91 MB
xp64_v1609.zip08/Jan/200898.84 MB

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