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FTP Site:ftp.usg.eduScan Date:03/Nov/2014
Description:University System of GeorgiaTotal Dirs:6,722
Country:United StatesTotal Files:111,403
PDF Data:55.39 GB

Top 10 Directories

/6.7 K111.4 K55.39 GB
/pub6.7 K111.4 K55.39 GB
/pub/mirrors6.7 K111.4 K53.83 GB
/pub/mirrors/simtelnet96935.7 K50.65 GB
/pub/mirrors/simtelnet/win9518017 K33.90 GB
/pub/mirrors/simtelnet/winxp1761.9 K5.94 GB
/pub/mirrors/simtelnet/winnt1761.6 K4.80 GB
/pub/mirrors/simtelnet/handheld1861.1 K2.85 GB
/pub/mirrors/CPAN5.7 K75.3 K2.73 GB
/pub/mirrors/CPAN/authors4.1 K74.1 K2.58 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files56,84227.22 GB49.15 %
Program Files8,79327.08 GB48.89 %
Miscellaneous Files18,055533.76 MB0.94 %
Windows Package Files118268.86 MB0.47 %
Document Files26,31997.77 MB0.17 %
Internet Files19378.87 MB0.14 %
Data Files21872.24 MB0.13 %
Linux Package Files1242.06 MB0.07 %
Development Files64312.29 MB0.02 %
Disk Image Files55.31 MB0.01 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
ora920_client.zip13/Apr/20101.53 GB
dmf3_trial_e.exe12/Jan/2004102.45 MB
TurboCADProfessionalv11Trial.exe21/Apr/2005100.42 MB
OdysseySuiteSBE.zip16/Apr/200496.96 MB
MSP7_T_E.exe12/Jan/200495.54 MB
Xtivity_Trial.exe12/Jul/200580.43 MB
UVS7TrialEng.exe12/Jan/200476.16 MB
Track-ITSuite2004v11.exe21/Jun/200468.19 MB
dws2_trial_e.exe31/Mar/200467.76 MB
spavicv125.zip08/Mar/200567.25 MB

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