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FTP Site:ftp.utia.cas.czScan Date:28/Aug/2015
Description:Czech Academy of SciencesTotal Dirs:220
Country:Czech RepublicTotal Files:2,230
PDF Data:7.46 GB

Top 10 Directories

/2202.2 K7.46 GB
/pub2192.2 K7.46 GB
/pub/staff941.3 K7.45 GB
/pub/staff/celikovsky71892.24 GB
/pub/staff/celikovsky/Chaos281.91 GB
/pub/staff/celikovsky/Chaos/VIDEO_TS081.91 GB
/pub/staff/bartosr4241.31 GB
/pub/staff/bartosr/SMECY2241.31 GB
/pub/staff/zagalak1721.29 GB
/pub/staff/zagalak/Karny600721.29 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Miscellaneous Files1112.05 GB27.52 %
Video Files111.91 GB25.64 %
Archive Files1121.76 GB23.65 %
Music Files10661.16 MB8.66 %
Image Files429463.27 MB6.07 %
Program Files19457.86 MB6.00 %
Document Files1,132133.87 MB1.75 %
Data Files7452.81 MB0.69 %
Database Files4821.00 KB0.01 %
Development Files128425.75 KB0.01 %

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File NameModifiedFile Size
VTS_01_1.VOB27/Sep/20051022.92 MB
VTS_01_2.VOB27/Sep/2005932.35 MB
xm9q4wiouxn12/Sep/2012727.92 MB
ColonyCounter_pkg.exe02/Apr/2013349.27 MB
YeastColonyCounter.zip21/Feb/2012259.99 MB
scene08.zip16/Jun/2011250.26 MB
scene10.zip16/Jun/2011247.82 MB
scene07.zip16/Jun/2011201.27 MB
scene09.zip16/Jun/2011192.33 MB
scene06.zip16/Jun/2011165.96 MB

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