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FTP Site:ftphost.uni-koblenz.deScan Date:02/Feb/2015
Description:University of Koblenz and LandauTotal Dirs:108,874
Country:GermanyTotal Files:1,131,944
PDF Data:1.00 TB

Top 10 Directories

/108.9 K1.13 M1.00 TB
/pub22.7 K574.6 K1008.56 GB
/pub/mirrors21.6 K566.8 K972.93 GB
/pub/mirrors/gentoo27268.9 K279.10 GB
/pub/mirrors/ftp.debian.org20 K285.7 K271.38 GB
/pub/mirrors/ K285.7 K271.38 GB
/pub/mirrors/ K278.8 K265.86 GB
/pub/mirrors/ K273.6 K248.69 GB
/pub/mirrors/ftp.suse.com78393.7 K233.29 GB
/pub/mirrors/ K198.06 GB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files389,317572.28 GB55.91 %
Archive Files153,862296.39 GB28.96 %
Disk Image Files244115.59 GB11.29 %
Program Files19,70710.34 GB1.01 %
Miscellaneous Files280,3878.73 GB0.85 %
Data Files102,2298.43 GB0.82 %
Backup Files1174.52 GB0.44 %
Image Files20,0103.61 GB0.35 %
Help Files1,6731.85 GB0.18 %
Document Files26,1841.79 GB0.17 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
projects.dump.gz28/Mar/201116.09 GB
CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-Everything.iso04/Jul/20146.58 GB
CentOS-5.11-x86_64-bin-DVD-1of2.iso26/Sep/20144.35 GB
CentOS-6.6-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso24/Oct/20144.31 GB
vnuml.ova16/Feb/20134.13 GB
HP_Service_Pack_for_ProLiant_2014.09.0_792934_001_spp_2014.09.0-SPP2014090.2014_0827.10.iso20/Jan/20153.94 GB
livedvd-amd64-multilib-20121221.iso20/Dec/20123.91 GB
CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-DVD.iso06/Jul/20143.86 GB
CentOS-5.11-i386-bin-DVD-1of2.iso26/Sep/20143.83 GB
livedvd-x86-amd64-32ul-20121221.iso22/Dec/20123.82 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/021,4215.03 GB
2015/0131,37783.37 GB
2014/1213,16446.44 GB
2014/1130,69534.00 GB
2014/1010,89832.37 GB
2014/096,73143.93 GB
2014/0856,79920.94 GB
2014/0738,65635.43 GB
2014/063,8299.62 GB
2014/0513,31218.55 GB
2014/044,9729.88 GB
2014/034,2979.90 GB