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FTP Site:mirrors.rit.eduScan Date:04/Jan/2015
Description:Rochester Institute of TechnologyTotal Dirs:353,408
Country:United StatesTotal Files:16,357,867
PDF Data:22.12 TB

Top 10 Directories

/353.4 K16.36 M22.12 TB
/fedora22.6 K8.99 M12.14 TB
/fedora/fedora-secondary4.7 K3.49 M4.27 TB
/fedora/archive2.6 K2.19 M3.20 TB
/fedora/archive/fedora2.6 K2.19 M3.20 TB
/fedora/archive/fedora/linux2.6 K2.19 M3.20 TB
/fedora/alt10.8 K1.48 M2.58 TB
/fedora/alt/stage10.2 K1.06 M2.01 TB
/fedora/fedora3.9 K1.61 M1.96 TB
/fedora/fedora/linux3.9 K1.61 M1.96 TB

Top 10 File Categories

CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Linux Package Files10,421,40913.49 TB60.99 %
Disk Image Files4,6843.61 TB16.34 %
Archive Files2,633,8042.46 TB11.12 %
Image Files83,7091.96 TB8.84 %
Miscellaneous Files940,928395.16 GB1.74 %
Data Files551,603176.88 GB0.78 %
Program Files1,23915.71 GB0.07 %
Document Files222,8119.15 GB0.04 %
Internet Files1,361,0057.88 GB0.03 %
Music Files3837.84 GB0.03 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
F20-source-DVD-20141201.iso02/Dec/201411.17 GB
Fedora-20-source-DVD.iso13/Dec/20139.12 GB
Fedora-18-source-DVD.iso11/Jan/20138.79 GB
Fedora-18-source-DVD.iso11/Jan/20138.79 GB
Fedora-20-Multi-Desktop.iso13/Dec/20137.50 GB
Fedora-19-source-DVD.iso28/Jun/20137.49 GB
Fedora-19-source-DVD.iso28/Jun/20137.49 GB
Fedora-19-Multi-Desktop.iso27/Jun/20137.35 GB
Fedora-16-Multi-Install.iso04/Nov/20117.30 GB
Fedora-18-Multi-Desktop.iso15/Jan/20137.10 GB

Data Modified During Last 12 Months

Period of TimeModified FilesModified Data
2015/01162,51071.87 GB
2014/12711,9231.02 TB
2014/11778,1581.24 TB
2014/10968,9041.78 TB
2014/09689,578853.20 GB
2014/081,013,490994.21 GB
2014/07637,473805.41 GB
2014/06251,713343.34 GB
2014/05228,157235.58 GB
2014/04157,749234.95 GB
2014/03592,578338.58 GB
2014/02148,439193.94 GB