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FTP Site:plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.ilScan Date:11/Jan/2015
Description:Weizmann Institute Of ScienceTotal Dirs:41
Country:IsraelTotal Files:356
PDF Report:plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il.pdfTotal Data:143.37 MB

Top 10 Directories

/41356143.37 MB
/pub36356143.37 MB
/pub/grace1025780.94 MB
/pub/grace/src34380.73 MB
/pub/grace/src/grace503368.74 MB
/pub/linux31332.04 MB
/pub/linux/LinuxIL0731.78 MB
/pub/xmgr4125221.87 MB
/pub/grace/src/devel069.48 MB
/pub/xmgr4/RPMS3178.14 MB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files189134.95 MB94.12 %
Linux Package Files105.91 MB4.12 %
Miscellaneous Files282.33 MB1.62 %
Document Files119128.91 KB0.09 %
Program Files128.69 KB0.02 %
Development Files214.55 KB0.01 %
Script Files314.10 KB0.01 %
Internet Files13.13 KB0.00 %
Data Files31.26 KB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
linux-il_02.tgz05/Dec/20046.63 MB
linux-il_01.tgz21/Jul/20035.11 MB
linux-il_99.tgz31/May/20015.05 MB
linux-il_00.tgz28/Feb/20024.83 MB
isanbibl.zip09/Feb/20014.72 MB
gracegtk-0.5.1_2012_05_31_10h34.tgz31/May/20124.69 MB
linux-il_98.tgz13/Sep/20003.74 MB
linux-il_94-96.tgz07/Jan/19983.69 MB
grace-5.1.24.tar.gz29/Aug/20142.82 MB
linux-il_97.tgz06/Jul/19992.73 MB

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