University of Kent Mirror Service - FTP Site Statistics

FTP Site:ftp.mirrorservice.orgScan Date:01/Jul/2015
Description:University of Kent Mirror ServiceTotal Dirs:1,173,772
Country:United KingdomTotal Files:6,237,610
PDF Data:18.02 TB

Top 100 Directories

/1.17 M6.24 M18.02 TB
/sites1.17 M6.24 M18.02 TB
/sites/downloads.sourceforge.net752.2 K101.3 K4.22 TB
/sites/download.kiwix.org104.8 K2.49 TB
/sites/ K1.58 TB
/sites/ftp.debian.org28.5 K1.16 M1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.16 M1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.13 M1.18 TB
/sites/ K1.12 M1.14 TB
/sites/ K933.64 GB
/sites/ K776.07 GB
/sites/archive.ubuntu.com42.6 K586 K733.24 GB
/sites/ K586 K733.24 GB
/sites/ K575.5 K728.50 GB
/sites/download.opensuse.org511287.2 K675.78 GB
/sites/cdimage.ubuntu.com4436 K652.16 GB
/sites/ K652.16 GB
/sites/download.qt-project.org1.9 K6.1 K576.85 GB
/sites/turnkeylinux.org1.2 K12.1 K569.07 GB
/sites/ K569.05 GB
/sites/packages.macports.org19 K382.5 K442.93 GB
/sites/ K381.1 K381.99 GB
/sites/ftp.mysql.com5413.8 K362.94 GB
/sites/ K362.94 GB
/sites/ K6.5 K350.59 GB
/sites/ftp.dragonflybsd.org42196.7 K343.38 GB
/sites/ K1.8 K339.54 GB
/sites/ K334.24 GB
/sites/quakeunity.com2584 K326.08 GB
/sites/downloads.openmandriva.org344254 K315.51 GB
/sites/dl.atrpms.net855162.3 K308.98 GB
/sites/ K184.7 K299.08 GB
/sites/ K8.5 K289.88 GB
/sites/carroll.cac.psu.edu1.1 K54 K283.56 GB
/sites/ K54 K283.56 GB
/sites/distfiles.gentoo.org30167.5 K279.60 GB
/sites/ K9.4 K274.23 GB
/sites/ K273.90 GB
/sites/download.openoffice.org2164.9 K263.71 GB
/sites/cdimage.debian.org1925.2 K255.57 GB
/sites/ K255.57 GB
/sites/distfiles.macports.org9.4 K52.7 K251.16 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K6 K248.58 GB
/sites/ K3 K243.60 GB
/sites/ K3.9 K243.52 GB
/sites/ K4.1 K240.91 GB
/sites/ftp.netbsd.org7.1 K33.1 K234.01 GB
/sites/ K33.1 K234.01 GB
/sites/archive.raspbian.org24.5 K212.3 K228.63 GB
/sites/ K226.72 GB
/sites/ K7.1 K225.00 GB
/sites/ K5.8 K224.25 GB
/sites/ K211.37 GB
/sites/ K2.3 K209.48 GB
/sites/ K208.96 GB
/sites/ K211 K208.93 GB
/sites/ K210.7 K208.12 GB
/sites/ftp.kernel.org1.3 K20.8 K206.12 GB
/sites/ K20.8 K206.12 GB
/sites/ K203.39 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K198.94 GB
/sites/ K198.69 GB
/sites/www.linuxmint.com37330196.10 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K207.7 K191.76 GB
/sites/ K191.33 GB
/sites/www.bitsavers.org5.5 K43 K190.21 GB
/sites/download.eclipse.org12.6 K525 K189.61 GB
/sites/ K525 K189.61 GB
/sites/ K3.3 K187.90 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K169.96 GB
/sites/vectorlinux.com7.8 K81.8 K166.77 GB
/sites/ K4.5 K166.36 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K28.4 K162.56 GB
/sites/ K6.2 K161.56 GB
/sites/ftp.gnome.org11.6 K153.9 K157.28 GB
/sites/ K153.9 K157.28 GB
/sites/ K153.9 K157.28 GB
/sites/ K155.72 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K1.7 K151.47 GB
/sites/ K149.78 GB
/sites/ K149.78 GB
/sites/ K2.5 K147.45 GB
/sites/ K144.98 GB
/sites/ K3.9 K144.73 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ K142.86 GB
/sites/ K3.5 K139.23 GB
/sites/ K5.2 K132.08 GB
/sites/ K132.05 GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ GB
/sites/ GB