13 FTP Sites - 1,578,949 Directories - 50,779,651 Files - 98.35 TB of Data

FTP SiteDescriptionDirsFilesDataPDF
mint-packages.c3sl.ufpr.brFederal University of Parana Software Archive366.5 K13.11 M23.97 TB
ftp.br.debian.orgDebian Linux Project Archive317.2 K11.56 M23.51 TB
wikipedia.c3sl.ufpr.brFederal University of Parana311.2 K10.94 M23.31 TB
pclinuxos.c3sl.ufpr.brFederal University of Parana342.3 K12.12 M22.31 TB
ftp.las.ic.unicamp.brUniversity of Campinas171.8 K2.64 M4.13 TB
linorg.usp.brUniversity of Sao Paulo31.8 K132.7 K812.55 GB
ftp.slackware-brasil.com.brSlackware Linux Archive33.8 K244.2 K242.54 GB
ftp.mct.gov.brBrazilian Ministry of Science1.5 K24.6 K61.05 GB
ftp.procergs.com.brPROCERGS Data Processing Company2.3 K2.5 K15.31 GB
ftp.dca.fee.unicamp.brState University of Campinas5334.5 K12.72 GB
ftp.cpgec.ufrgs.brFederal University of Rio Grande do Sul411122.09 GB
ftp.pangeia.com.brPangeia Informatica LTDA206472.05 GB
ftp.inf.puc-rio.brPontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro231.7 K1.57 GB