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FTP Date:31/Aug/2015
Description:University Of ReadingTotal Dirs:286
Country:United KingdomTotal Files:147,035
PDF Data:83.42 GB

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/286147 K83.42 GB
/pub284147 K83.42 GB
/pub/groups176145.8 K82.85 GB
/pub/groups/cvg174145.8 K82.85 GB
/pub/groups/cvg/PETS201404932.11 GB
/pub/groups/cvg/PETS2009109519.16 GB
/pub/groups/cvg/PETS2009/Crowd_PETS09_dataset89519.16 GB
/pub/groups/cvg/PETS2009/Crowd_PETS09_dataset/a_data79519.16 GB
/pub/groups/cvg/PETS2009/Crowd_PETS09_dataset/a_data/Crowd_PETS090129.58 GB
/pub/groups/cvg/PETS20013580 K8.79 GB

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CategoryFilesDataData (%)
Archive Files22967.53 GB80.94 %
Video Files728.19 GB9.81 %
Image Files145,7866.75 GB8.09 %
Miscellaneous Files297682.90 MB0.80 %
Data Files73205.55 MB0.24 %
Program Files2047.33 MB0.06 %
Document Files20637.78 MB0.04 %
Internet Files1084.40 MB0.01 %
Development Files2162.03 MB0.00 %
Backup Files3623.42 KB0.00 %

Top 10 Files By File Size

File NameModifiedFile Size
Crowd_PETS09.tar13/Mar/20099.58 GB
06_01.tar.gz14/Mar/20143.06 GB
22_01.tar.gz14/Mar/20142.38 GB
03_05.tar.gz14/Mar/20142.07 GB
14_05.tar.gz14/Mar/20141.97 GB
S0_CC.tar.bz205/Mar/20091.83 GB
S0_BG.tar.bz206/Mar/20091.80 GB
03_06.tar.gz14/Mar/20141.72 GB
06_04.tar.gz14/Mar/20141.72 GB
14_07.tar.gz14/Mar/20141.53 GB

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